Madeleine Duflot

Madeleine Duflot

set design, product design, fine artLondon, United Kingdom
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Madeleine Duflot

Madeleine Duflot

set design, product design, fine artLondon, United Kingdom
  • Commission Wonderland Magazine
    Commission Wonderland MagazinePhotoshoot on the theme of surrealism Directed and styled by Nicole Quadrio Stylist Assistant: Gabrielle Tamasciuk Model: Frankie Herbert (agency Select) Photographer: A.D.P. Make-up and hair: Patrizia Lio Set design: Madeleine Duflot Set Assistant: Ana Formela
  • under the carpet
    under the carpetThis installation focuses on the benefits of the arts for well-being: the arts remind us about our emotions, to try and understand them, which are essentials to our mental health, and to get to know who we are. The aim of this space is to make this interaction between people and art more casual. Creating an inviting but unusual space, with hybrid objects that can be used but don’t have any defined function, becomes a thinking space to gather, reflect, and share about our emotions.
  • ilco
    ilcoilco is a design studio I co-founded in 2017. We are aiming to blur the line between art and design. Our first project is a piece of sculptural design called Into-form: There are 5 huge shapes with which users can create endless compositions, corresponding to their needs or feelings.
  • On Wheels 1 and 2
    On Wheels 1 and 2‘On Wheels’ aims to question space.  On wheels exists both in the positive and the negative spaces, as a tangible object or as a shape. The two perceptions exists thanks to each others, they co-exist. You can use On wheels, look at it, walk through it, move it. It’s is dividing space, creating spaces, breaking space, shaping space. Its shape is inspired by Matisse's colourful cutouts. On Wheels 2 is a bespoke version commissioned by La Boutique du Centre Pompidou for the 'Matisse, comme un rom
  • HOP
    HOPHOP is a chair evolving with its user. Around 42% of bulky waste in the UK is furniture, this is around 670,000 tonnes per year. With mass production, furniture got more affordable but the quality decreased simultaneously. These two facts result in a weaker emotional bond between people and their belongings. Chairs, wardrobe, tables…became bulky furniture with no value, leading people to leave them behind with no regrets if broken or stained, to follow a new trend or when moving out. Indeed, re
  • dyad
    dyad‘Dyad’ is an installation aiming to depict Hans Van Der Laan theory on architectonic space and human experience space. The aluminium cast stands for the dyad inside/outside, full/empty - which echoes the two space images - and the projection situates it in the bigger picture of nature. ‘We must imagine the architectonic space that comes into being artificially between walls as a sort of emptiness in relation to natural space. This emptiness is as it were subtracted by the spacing-apart of the w
Projects credited in
    OUTTAKESOuttakes from an Editorial Shoot. It is not uncommon in creative processes that, a unique beautiful light can show up on set for a little fraction of time, a variant of a viewing angle or an editing solution/option emerge afterward, and you get some outtake pictures to stand out as individual ones. Like outsiders.
Work history
    Retail/Space DesignerBottletop
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Under the direction of Ana Lumack Bottletop installations on regent street, July and August 2019 Bottletop store at Glastonbury Festival, June 2019 Bottletop pop-up store on Regent Street, April 2019
    Production DesignerCentral Film School
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    Production designer for Osama Elsamadony graduation short-movie, ' Conditional Love'.
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  • Set Design
  • Curation
  • Product Design
  • Art Curation
  • Fine Art
  • Model Making
  • Sculpture Design
  • Interior Design
  • Moodboard Creation
  • Production Design
    Interior and Spatial DesignChelsea College of Art (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom
    Master Degree in Interior and Spatial Design
    Fine ArtsChelsea College of Art (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom
    Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts
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    UAL Creative Enterprise Award
    Funding and business mentorship support for our design studio ilco