Maithreyee Arun

Digital Artist

Mid Level
Leeds, United Kingdom
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About me

A Multidisciplinary Illustrator and Digital Designer who focuses on a hands-on experimental methods of working, whilst being able to adapt and take charge of visual content made that not only engages but immerses the audience into the narrative being created.

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  • Illustration
  • Digital Deisgner
  • Online Communications
  • Visual Communication
  • Creative Writing
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Print Publications
  • Digital Publishing
  • Print Advertising
  • Graphic Communication

Companies I’ve worked with

  • L

    Leeds Arts University

    • K

      Kerala Restaurant

      Work history


      Sep 2017
      • Leeds, United Kingdom
      • Full Time
      • BA(Hons) Visual Communications- Specialising in Illustration and Digital Design. With a keen interest in a multidisciplinary approach to art, valuing attention to detail whilst expanding my practice to digital editing, film, print publishing, digital publishing and creative writing. Particular interest in a hands-on experimental approach to my practice while being open to professional and client-focused UX design.


      Student Ambassador

      Leeds Arts University

      Jun 2018 - Apr 2020
      • Leeds, United Kingdom
      • Part Time
      • Representing the university in various UCAS fairs, Gallery openings, Student Interviews and doing multiple Progression work with young learners from schools around Leeds. Being a student ambassador requires one to be a confident and vocational individual with a keen interest towards one's own practice whilst being the voice for the bright young mind of Leeds Arts University. Every moment spent being the student ambassador for the University was a learning experience on the professional and logistical side of a large educational organization, whilst being a spokesperson for their core values and ideologies. The impact one can have over the outside world using modes of communication, art forms and personal practice were not only tested but put to apt use at every event; making my work ethic and value for the representation in an organization not only sharper but also far more competent with every challenge I took up.


      Waitress, Hostess & Bartender

      Kerala Restaurant

      Aug 2017 - May 2018
      • Leeds, United Kingdom
      • Part Time
      • Worked as the front of the house staff for a small family-owned restaurant in the heart of Leeds City Centre. Responsibilities included not limited to the roles of a waitress and bartender, being a welcoming and warm hostess for the patrons visiting the restaurant, recommending food/drinks and explaining dishes to first-time customers. Handling large groups attending parties and gatherings in the restaurant. Quick troubleshooting and providing the utmost perfect customer care experience for the clients who savour the flavours from the Malabar coast of Kerala, India.



      BA (Hons) Visual Communication

      Leeds Arts University

      Aug 2017 - May 2020
      • Leeds, United Kingdom
      • A multidisciplinary course that pushes each practitioner to engage in their professional practice and personal practice in a way which appeals to the market and focuses on UX design and client-focused briefs that bring the community outside of the university closer to one's own practice. Whilst also focusing on a multifaceted approach to one's personal practise in order to be a well-rounded and highly skilled member of any team with knowledge working within the industry and with high profile clients.


      International Baccalaureate

      Garodia International

      Jun 2015 - Apr 2017
      • Mumbai, India
      • Most challenging and engaging years of schooling focusing on creating an outspoken and opinionated individual who focuses on working for and with the community in order to bring about betterment in the world. HL Subjects- English Literature and Language (6*); Biology (6*); Visual Arts (6*) SL Subjects- Business Management (7*); Hindi (6*); Mathematics (3*) International Baccalaureate also focuses on the Theory of Knowledge and C.A.S (Creativity, Activity & Service) that pushed me to engage my personal professional practice along with the community in the school and outside the school.


      Indian Secondary Certificate Examination (ISC)

      Unison World School

      Jun 2013 - May 2015
      • Dehradun, India
      • An all-girls boarding school where every day was focused on creating intelligent, hard-working women of tomorrow. Our days were filled with intense education with a practical approach to gaining knowledge and extra-curricular activities that aimed towards bringing up each girl with a high level of potential and strong aims towards life.