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Malini Balluck

CuratorLondon, United Kingdom
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Malini Balluck

CuratorLondon, United Kingdom
Projects credited in
  • Muslim Sisterhood
    Muslim Sisterhood is a platform I co-founded centred for Muslim women and non-binary Muslims. We organised our first zine publication this July featuring our photography and texts around spirituality, relationships and rituals. In an increasingly polarised and divisive climate, our project aims to celebrate and highlight the positivity emanating from our community. We aim to give opportunities to and to centre Muslim women and gender non-conforming Muslims wherever we can.
  • The Guardian Digital Redesign
    In 2017 I was asked to lead the digital redesign as part of The Guardian's broader redesign and rebranding. As digital design director I not only helped to shape the digital platforms, but was a core part of the team within the redesign, liasing with the creative director on many parts of the wider project. The central idea for The Guardian’s digital redesign are the five ‘pillars’ of journalism. These were conceived for one purpose, to aid reader navigation, the less choice, the more clarity t
    For the Gal-dem Takeover of V&A Lates, I was asked by the absolute babes of BBZ to exhibit my art process in a collaborative video projection. My film was projected alongside some amazing video artists, painters and DJs in Fashion Room 40. It looped continuously on the ceiling throughout the night while all the most beautiful black & brown queers danced below. Check us: BECCA HUMAN BBZ GAL-DEM Audio Credit Will
  • Exhibition Road Day of Design 2019
    For the finale of London Design Festival 2019, we'll be hosting a special event on Exhibition Road focusing on design solutions to the climate emergency.
  • Friday Late: Anthropocene
    From geology to houseplants, consider how we got here and explore ways to reconnect with the natural world.
  • V&A Plywood: Furniture Making
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