Maria Mikulina

Social media specialist, content producer, strategic mind

Mid Level
Moscow, Russia
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About me

I am a strategic content creator and a social media manager, with a BA degree in publishing. Here are my answers to TOP 4 interview questions: 1. What are your skills? Generating ideas and structuring them into storylines. Managing brand's social media:
 developing strategies and content plans, organizing team workflow, leading communication with clients, creating content, working with social media tools, admin control, analyzing statistics. Editing: photo, audio and video formats, texts, analyzing design usability. Comfortable working in Photoshop. Basic InDesign and Premier Pro knowledge. Making detail-oriented observations:
 color combinations, film continuity mistakes, Photoshop errors, typos, pattern disturbances, etc. Visualizing systems (mind mapping) and ideas (mood boards, sketching). Fluent in Russian and English languages. 2. What is your ideal workplace? I would like to work with people and businesses that: — conduct neuromarketing research and monitor information in the (social) media; — aim to reverse man-made environmental damages: loss in biodiversity, water and air pollution, deforestation, fracking, industrial waste, etc; — rehabilitate socially excluded groups of people and aim to raise baseline standards of living. 3. How do you see yourself in 5 years? I imagine that my current daily practices would add up to proficiency in: — French (becoming fluent) — Chess (earning a class C rating) — Psychology (learning the basics so I can further specialize in neuromarketing and human attention span studies) 4. What are your preferred work conditions? — Working remotely Experience shows that I am most productive and creative when I choose where and when I work. For this reason, I’m not interested in an office 9-to-5 position (unless it can be flexible). — Clear KPI I want to see results of my efforts and be confident that my time won't be wasted on unnecessary tasks.

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  • Social Media Marketing
  • Editing
  • Fluent Russian
  • Project Management
  • Communication Strategy
  • Storytelling
  • Content Creatiion
  • Colour Matching
  • Team Coordination
  • Media Communication

Companies I’ve worked with


    • Charity
  • DMA


    • Marketing & PR
  • C

    Conde Nast Russia

    • K

      Kapri TV

      Work history


      Nov 2018
      • Moscow, Russia
      • Freelance
      • Being part of the communications team, I produce Britanka.Talks podcast (available on iTunes and SoundCloud). I research episode topics, organise guest experts, record, edit, design episode covers and publish the podcast. Results: launched company's first ever podcast, diversifying our media formats.


      Jul 2018
      • Moscow, Russia
      • Freelance
      • I manage social media accounts at the British Higher School of Art and Design (@BHSAD and /britishdesign). Among my responsibilities are: content creation, systematically updating our social media strategy, collecting and analysing statistics, engaging the audience, packaging PR news visually and experimenting with new social media tools. I coordinate content production in our team of PR managers and the graphic designer. Results: launched a social media strategy (upgraded 4 times in the past year, based on analytics), experimented with and published countless content.


      Social Media Manager

      Conde Nast Russia

      Sep 2018 - Feb 2019
      • Moscow, Russia
      • Full Time
      • Working at the Conde Nast Creative Studio, I learned to coordinate communication between multiple brands, to manage a team of four in time for deadlines, to pitch ideas in a corporate invironment. I am grateful for this experience, but I’ve realised that fashion- and beauty-related industries can’t fulfill me in the long term. Results: 2X engegament rate across client’s social media, adapted existing content to fit new platform features, developed a new social media strategy, produced 20+ studio shoots and organised 25+ cross-branded competitions for client’s websites.


      Special Events Intern

      Forbes Russia

      Feb 2018 - Apr 2018
      • Moscow, Russia
      • Internship
      • Worked with the head of PR on launching Forbes Russia’s first two conferences.


      Online Editorial Intern

      MAXIM, Hearst Shkulev Media

      Oct 2017 - Nov 2017
      • Moscow, Russia
      • Internship
      • Worked with the deputy editor, researched for and translated interviews (to/from Russian).



      Sep 2014 - Jul 2017
      • London, United Kingdom
      • The knowledge I gained at LCC serves me on a daily basis. Here is a short overview of what I studied: media law (UK), contextual studies, magazine design & production, industry planning & development, revenue generation & finance management, editorial practice & management, media management, innovation & creativity, business enterprise & strategy. Graduate work: Homeless magazine. Student work: course representative and LCC student representative


      Foundation Diploma in Arts and Design

      University of The Arts London (UAL)

      Sep 2013 - Jun 2014
      • London, United Kingdom
      • I did a diagnostic pathway, studying Graphic Design, Fashion Design (Womenswear) and Performance, Design and Practice (PDP) for a month each. I then majored in PDP, creating costume and stage design concepts. Graduate work: sculpture-analysis of Wagner’s “Das Rheingold”


      Drawing and French language, pre-college summer course

      Parsons Paris

      Jun 2012 - Jul 2012
      • Paris, France
      • What a bliss! A month of studying in the heart of Paris, exploring its architecture, art history and culture. Primary focus of the course was on experimentation, observation and expressive drawing. Ah, and I also studied French. This course has since been re-named to Explorations in Drawing.


      Architecture, pre-college summer course

      Les Tapies

      Jun 2010 - Jul 2010
      • France
      • This course was an absolute pleasure! I learned: - how to make architectural plans of existing buildings - how to design a building that fits existing environment (sides, floor plans, cross section and landscape) - visualising (painting and drawing) - pitching to a client - re-designing existing space in a team I also tried Milbenkäse. Google it.



      Course Representative Award 2017

      University of The Arts London (UAL)

      • What can I say... What an honour. And well done, younger Maria!