Marley Muirhead

Student Copywriter

London, United Kingdom
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About me

I want to tell the stories that people didn't know they needed, or didn't realise they wanted. For me that's where growth lies. Be that in how many fluffy pens a company sells that financial quarter, or in dissolving prejudices between people. This energy is what I strive to bring to every opportunity given to me. It also the thing I look to take out of every opportunity; some kind growth and having learned something I didn't know before. I also wouldn't turn down a fluffy pen.

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  • Microsoft Office
  • Production
  • Basic Indesign
  • Academic Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Deadline Management
  • Adaptive Communication
  • Copywriting
  • Creative

Companies I’ve worked with

  • School of Communication Arts

    School of Communication Arts

    • Advertising
  • Marks and Spencer

    Marks and Spencer

    • Retail
  • T

    The Boots Group PLC

    • M

      Merton Council

      Work history


      Production Assistant

      Illini Media

      Oct 2017 - May 2018
      • Champaign, United States
      • Full Time
      • As a Production Assistant at Illini Media I was the intermediary for every team in our advertising department. I screened and scheduled ads for multiple publications weeks in advance whilst designing the page layout through Adobe InDesign. I was also responsible for training our new production assistant. It was an invaluable experience that taught me how to work creatively with others. The freedom I was granted to explore my own ideas in a systematised work environment has developed the breadth and versatility of my skill-set. This is something I will always bring forward with me as a take on new professional opportunities.


      Online Content Manager

      Merton Council

      Aug 2017 - Sep 2017
      • London, United Kingdom
      • Freelance
      • For the last two years I have supported Merton Council to ensure the sexual health services promoted on their website ( to their youth residents was accurate and comprehensive. I was responsible for quality assuring existing content and conducting self-led research. I also produced content to attract target site visitors through search, social media and focus groups. The information gathered provided allowed my supervisor to achieve her content goals for the website and has meant young people in the area have access to health services tailored to their needs.


      PR Placement

      Anchor Trust

      Jul 2017 - Jul 2017
      • London, United Kingdom
      • Internship
      • The Anchor Trust is England’s largest not-for-profit provider of housing and care for the over-55. I worked in the external communications team on two high profile consumer-facing initiatives: their Standing Up 4 Sitting Down (SU4SD) campaign and the volunteer programme for their care homes. I started after the launch of SU4SD at the beginning of its second phase. My responsibilities included increasing the number of retail outlets engaged and by extension, the number of end user beneficiaries. In the fortnight I was there I secured the commitment of over forty businesses (local and national) in the geographical catchment areas I was assigned. Being able to effectively communicate the campaign’s evolution and ideology, and how this was aligned to the values and ethos of the businesses I contacted, helped me to achieve this. It further developed my ability to promote ideas and garner engagement via online and off-line platforms. I am extremely proud of the role I played in progressing these much needed campaigns.



      Bachelor of Arts and Culture Studies

      University of East Anglia

      Sep 2015
      • Norwich, United Kingdom
      • My degree at the university of East Anglia has both an American Literature Element and a creative writing element. In American Literature modules we explore different texts, poems and plays that give an insight into the American identity. As such I am gaining understanding into literary forms and disciplines as well as American ideals and culture. Consequently I am learning why a collective of people think the way they think and believe what they believe, a valuable attribute in the advertising or marketing industry. The creative aspect of my degree widens my mind and way of thinking. I am learning how to make people understand a point of view, be that mine or another's. The combination of these two aspects of my degree means that I am developing a strong insight into the ways culture functions as a whole, as well as how to navigate this and make an influence. As such, despite how specific my degree may seem, the skills I am learning make me a very versatile thinker.