Marta Raimundo

Marta Raimundo

illustratorLondon, United Kingdom
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Marta Raimundo

Marta Raimundo

illustratorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
My name is Marta Raimundo and I'm a recent graduate from University of the Arts London in Illustration and Visual Media. I would see myself as a multidisciplinary visual artist as being able to still have diversity in my work is very important for me due to the fact I feel each technique I decide to use becomes relevant depending on the subject I am trying to visually communicate.
  • Punctuated Situation
    Punctuated SituationBack, Forward On and on again Somewhere between the long blue lines and the space given for random starts. The last sentence of the paragraph dictated the end of this chapter But no one told me what happened after. No one told me, because no one knew. No one can because here I am, Mid-sentence between the before and the now. And now? Now i don’t know, but i am stuck in the turn of a page where the ellipsis took its place. I’ll question what comes after, I guess just meaningless brackets distrac
  • The ''You's''
    The ''You's''This installation functions as a visual approach to human dependency and interaction. The functionality of the table, although compromised by the constant attachment of the chairs, relates to the permanent need as humans for dialogue. Those two chairs, that in contrast to the table are not filled represent in an abstract attempt– the‘’I’’ and the ‘’YOU’’ and consequently addresses to the multiplicity of people we have in our lives.
Work history
    Reportage ArtistTopolski Studios
    Lambeth, London SE1, UKInternship
    Reportage Artist at Topolski Studios, carrying on the type of work Feliks Topolski dedicated himself for all his life.
    Graphic DesignerOne Little Girl and A Can Of Gas
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    Designing the new logo for this company
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