Matija Jasarov

Video producer

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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  • Video producer
    Casting Producer

About me

I've started a video production and post-production company based in central Europe. We've done work for many various clients from television, advertising and the music industry. My skillset comes from working in television broadcasting for 9 years. As head of post-production I’ve been in charge of several video editors, working with story editors and producers. I’ve organised the workflow and schedule for the entire post-production process. Working for the most succesful broadcasting company in the country, employing more than 700 people I know my way around a busy production workflow.

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  • Video Production
  • Video Postproduction
  • Script Development
  • Film/video Editing
  • Creative
  • Music Production
  • Promotional Concepts

Work history


Executive Producer - TV

Viral post-production

Nov 2016
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Full Time
  • TELEVISION We've had a long-term relationship with television and have worked on shows like Got talent, X factor, Masterchef and many others. We know how a busy TV station works and tight schedules are never an issue. ADVERTISING We've worked with many different agencies for clients ranging from Moto GP, advertising agencies to cell phone networks and food brands to name a few, so we know how to get a message accross. MUSIC We're musicians at heart and have been involved with the music industry for over 15 years. We've composed chart topping hits and have produced music videos with over 1 million views.


Head of post production

Pop tv

Sep 2014 - Nov 2016
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Full Time
  • As head of post-production I was working on two seasons of Freemantle’s Got Talent and Fox’s Masterchef. My duties involved tIght scheduling, communication with the promo team, sound post-production, producers and running the day to day operations of post-production facilities working on Avid. I was in charge of delivering the final product on time and making sure quality was a priority. 2016 - My mum cooks better than yours (season 2) 2016 - Masterchef (season 2) 2015 - Got talent (season 5) 2015 - Masterchef (season 1) 2014 - Got talent (season 4)


Creative video editor

Pop tv

Aug 2011 - Sep 2014
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Full Time
  • As a video editor I started off editing news segments and info-programme. In 2011 I was promoted to creative production and was working on the following projects:
 2011 - Got Talent (season 2) 2011 - The Farm (season 4) 2012 - Got Talent (season 3) 2012 - Restaurant is looking for a chef (season 1) 2013 - X Factor 2013 - Restaurant is looking for a chef (season 2) 2014 - The Restaurant



Master's degree in video and new media

Academy of fine arts and design

Sep 2011 - Aug 2016
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia