Matt Reed

Matt Reed

Film Maker and PhotographerSydney, Australia
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Matt Reed

Matt Reed

Film Maker and PhotographerSydney, Australia
About me
I am a Sydney based freelance photographer and filmmaker , specialising in short unscripted documentary films for social media I have a B.A in film production and 20 years of experience as a professional photographer and film maker. My experience enables me to work quickly and confidently. My aim is to tell stories that are authentic and spontaneous, stories that create an emotional connection with the viewer.
  • Flower Portraits- A lesson in still life photography
    Flower Portraits- A lesson in still life photographyThis video was filmed over a couple of afternoons in the home studio of Art photographer Gary Heery. Gary's early carear was celebrity portraits in Hollywood and New York. He did a lot of album covers for record companies and celebrity portraits for magazines and gained International recognition in the process. Since returning to his home in Sydney, Australia, Gary has changed direction in his work and now focuses his lens on fauna and flora for Art exhibitions and books.
  • Derek Henderson shoots portraits for ZARA
    Derek Henderson shoots portraits for ZARAInternationally renowned professional photographer Derek Henderson explains his approach to portrait photography via interview and on location where he shoots fashion photographs for ZARA using a medium format analogue film camera.
  • Brett's Books
    Brett's BooksA short documentary film about Sydney fashion photographer and diarist Brett Hilder. Brett's long time friend actress Kate Fitzpatrick narrates an introduction to Brett Hilder a romantic and idealistic adventurer who details his travels from all over the world in the last 40 years in beautifully bound hand written books[and photos]. The many books remain unpublished and rest in a draw in his rented studio apartment, but still Brett continues to journal about his latest love..Cuba !
  • Max Doyle-Celebrity and Fashion Photographer
    Max Doyle-Celebrity and Fashion PhotographerSydney based celebrity and fashion photographer and publisher Max Doyle has had a long and illustrious career. In this short film Max explains his creative process and illustrates this with some entertaining anecdotes and on set footage from his A list Celebrity shoots, including : Travis Scott and Margot Robbie and more. The film also features interview with Max’s agent Dolores Lavin who explains the secrets behind Max’s success and what it takes to be a successful celebrity and fashion photog
  • Sofia Fitzpatrick
    Sofia FitzpatrickA 5 minute film about artist Sofia Fitzpatrick, featuring her work and the people she collaborates with including, Brett Chan, Mike Watt & Mulga. Sofia is a Sydney based artist who specialises in Skull jewellery. This video was shot over a few days in mid 2017.
  • Bondi Beach Portraits
    Bondi Beach PortraitsBondi beach is my local beach. I had just brought a new flash light which I got an assistant to hold on a long pole at an angle to the subject. The object of the exercise was to test the light and see if I could over ride the ambient light with the flashlight to get some nice portraits. So I just asked people that were already on the beach going about there day if I could photograph them in return for sending them a copy of the photo. Each photo took about a minute.
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Work history
    Freelance DirectorAuthentic Films
    Sydney, AustraliaFull Time
    I produce, shoot and edit, short, unscripted documentary films for social media.
    Director - Film
    Sydney, AustraliaFreelance
    I am a photographer and film maker. My work is narrative based i.e in both photography and film I look for the story to drive the creative process. having said that I have a keen eye for beauty so I like my work to look nice ;]
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     - Brisbane City, Australia
    BA in Humanities majoring in film and media.
    Head On Portrait Awards
    3rd place in the open portrait category