Maura Dudas

Maura Dudas

Illustrator, content writer, blogger, artiste, modelLondon, United Kingdom
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Maura Dudas

Maura Dudas

Illustrator, content writer, blogger, artiste, modelLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Psych Graduate Bsc(Hons) Studied at Goldsmiths I do graphic design, content writing and illustration. My artwork as well as blog content often tackles subjects such as mental health, current affairs, civil rights issues, critiques and insights into the modelling and fashion industry. I am also a part-time professional model. Easy-going, hard-working, absolute perfectionist. Likes most animals more than people. Pizza is my happy place.
  • Dog Walking Leaflets No.2
    Dog Walking Leaflets No.2Second rendition of dog-walking flyers. Couldn't quite decide on the paw prints so there's a couple of versions..
  • Dog Walking Leaflet 2
    Dog Walking Leaflet 2I think this is my favourite one. I believe this is the most striking design from them all. I am very passionate about animals and I would ultimately want to work in Animal assisted therapy. Until then as alternative income, dog-walking and pet sitting are a perfect pastime.
  • Dog Walking Leaflet/Flyer Design
    Dog Walking Leaflet/Flyer DesignMy dream job is to work with animals and go into Animal assisted therapy which has so many benefits. For that I would have to be near animals and get some experience training them. Meeting different kinds of animals is always a challenge but an absolute pleasure. I have designed a series of flyers which I will be handing out and documenting how well they work.
  • ASOS Resume
    ASOS ResumeRESUME designed for ASOS. Secretly hoping they will one day hire me.
  • Graphite and ink
    Graphite and inkWhile I was always proficient with a simple pencil i aimed ot develop my skills by experimenting with greater scale and with ink and pieces of graphite as well. The challenge always is to be so sure of the forms, planes and shadows of the face and the figure that one can use a technique that cannot be easily modified once on paper. This permanency is what drew me to try and develop my skills in figure and portrait drawing with pens and ink at the time.
  • Magazine Layout for Book Review of Demian by Hermann Hesse
    Magazine Layout for Book Review of Demian by Hermann HesseOne of my favourite books designed a Magazine Layout for Demian, a book I read while I was doing my A levels and introduced me to Carl Jung. I always thought his ideas were extremely underrated in modern science and while we use psychoanalysis still the emphasis is mainly on Freud's perspective and Jung does not get mentioned often even though I personally think the idea of the collective unconscious is fascinating.  Jung's archetypes are translated perfectly into literature since we see the figure of the wise old man, the mother, the hero or the shadow often appear as an integral part of story-telling.  To my disappointment when I tried to link the shadow archetype to the Dark Personality Traits I found that there were little to no academic sources utilising Jung's ideas at all.  Hesse's novel details a dualistic worldview and expresses the struggle between light and dark, the cleanliness of childhood and the impurity of adulthood lacing it with gnostic symbols as we see the protagonist come of age guided by these forces.  The more you know...
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Work history
    Content WriterSavoir Faire
    London, United KingdomPart Time
    I write content relating to men's lifestyle and leisure so that they might have a bit of 'know-how'. Mostly the creation of engaging, target specific content.
    Host/OrganiserEssex Group Shoot
    Southend-on-Sea, United KingdomPart Time
    A monthly or bi-monthly event hosted by myself for photographers from all walks of life. It is a great opportunity to explore the local sights and practice and improve your photography. My co-host Lucas Colyer is the tour guide while i myself take on the modelling. As we have grown guest models were frequent which was always a pleasure. I handle the social media marketing side, promotional image creation, contact with clients and writing copy for advertising.
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    BSc (Hons) PsychologyGoldsmiths College
    London, United Kingdom
    Science psychology course helping me to understand myself and others while I wait tables, help rich people to find their way to the toilet in one of the famous department stores in London and discover and self-diagnose the six hundred plus mental health issues people around me potentially have.
    3 A levels in Art & Design, Textiles & Creative MediaShoeburyness H. Sch.
     - Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom
    A level courses.