Max Dovey

Max Dovey

Lecturer in Brand Experience Design & Emerging TechnologyLondon, United Kingdom
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Max Dovey

Max Dovey

Lecturer in Brand Experience Design & Emerging TechnologyLondon, United Kingdom
  • Cologne, What is Your Mother's Maiden Name?
    Cologne, What is Your Mother's Maiden Name?Cologne, What is your Mother’s maiden Name? was a participatory psychometric taxi tour of the city of Cologne that used GPS, psychometrics and augmented reality to create psychological portraits of the city. The taxi ride was commissioned as part of a series of post-futuristic tours of the city by the nomadic arts organisation Noordkaap in partnership with the Akademie der Künste der Welt . Members of the public were asked play ‘ispy’ and record their experience during their taxi ride as they ex
  • Take The Words Right Out Of My Mouth
    Take The Words Right Out Of My MouthTake The Words Right Out Of My Mouth is a performance that invites the audience to have a dialogue with themselves using an artificial clone of their voice. Using machine learning to replicate the human voice we aim to sonify the internal monologue of the individual and experiment with conversation mediums to amplify internal voices. The performance was commissioned by Setup and made in collaboration with Nina Goedegebure. All images by Sebastiaan ter Burg.
  • Respiratory Miner
    Respiratory MinerRespiratory Mining uses human respiration to mine crypto-currencies. The respiratory mining rig converts lung exhalation into a hash rate for a micro computer mining on the Monero (XMR) blockchain. The installation uses spirometry, a medical technique for measuring lung capacity, to convert breathing into computational processing speed.
  • Points of Departure
    Points of DepartureThe Wilhelminapier was the main departure point for thousands of migrants emigrating from Europe to America during the 20th Century. Points of Departure is the title for a series of installations commissioned for the pier in Rotterdam the Netherlands. Working with local students we corroboratively designed a mobile application that is connected to a wind sensor positioned at the end of the pier. The real-time wind data moves a digital compass on the mobile application, which creates different so
  • A Hipster Bar
    A Hipster BarA hipster bar uses image recognition software to enforce a strict door policy that only admits people that look hipster enough. The doors for this bar will only open if you are at least 90% hipster, making it the world's first automated hipster bar.By sourcing thousands of images of hipsters (mainly from Instagram). Max Dovey, creator of the Hipster Bar has attempted to train an algorithm to recognize the visual characteristics of a hipster. This exclusive pop up bar has been installed in festiv
  • The Secret Post Office
    The Secret Post OfficeThe Secret Post Office is a festival mail service that circulates post around a festival. Letters and postcards made at the post office are delivered to anyone within a festival. This is a performance installation where the public create unique items of mail that are delivered to their friends at the festival. People genuinely recall their encounter with the secret posties as their favorite moment of the festival and this is echoed in articles, reviews and even a short interview on BBC Radio 4’
  • Web Applications
  • Html CSS
  • Raspberry PI
  • Creative Coding
  • Experience Design
  • Basic Javascript
  • Digital Design
  • Game Design
    Mdes Media Design & communicationWilliam de Kooning
     - Karel Doormanhof 45, 3012 GC Rotterdam, Netherlands
    1st Class BA (hons) Time Based Media
     - London, United Kingdom