Max Hurn

Photographer/ Digital Retoucher

Mid Level
Bristol, United Kingdom
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  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Retouching
  • Studio Administration
  • Studio Assistance
  • Studio Lighting
  • Advanced Retouching
  • Skin Retouching
  • Cut out
  • Colour Correcting

Companies I’ve worked with

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    Ocean Images

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      Clifton Photographic Company Ltd

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        Work history




        Apr 2017
        • Bristol, United Kingdom
        • Full Time
        • As a photographer/retoucher at FreestyleXtreme I’m part of the entire creative process for the photography department that allows the website to sell their merchandise, I have brought new techniques for both lighting and retouching into the team, allowing to speed up processes and allow us to concentrate on more throughput and reaching target. I’ve quickly learnt their workflow and improved it for both the team and management, I pride myself on the ability to learn any new software quickly and effectively, in both work and my own time so I can use it to it’s full advantage and teach others to do the same. My ability to learn new software and abilities is one of my strongest skills within my skill set. Some of my biggest achievements in this role is currently writing a company ‘wikipedia’ on how to use CaptureOne, a software I’ve only learnt fairly recently and shooting the entire Christmas Marketing by working closely with the Marketing Manager.


        Aug 2016 - Apr 2018
        • Bristol, United Kingdom
        • Freelance
        • As a retoucher at clifton photographic, my retouching skills were definitely put to the test, my average turn around was 50-80 high end retouched images a day, this meant that all pieces of work had to be throughly checked before being sent off for production, else it cost time and money for the company. Within my time at Clifton photographic I changed the filing system in which we stored files ready to be printed, this allowed us to speed up ‘grading’ a part of the job where an individual would go through the work and double check that the retoucher hadn’t missed anything out, as the ‘makeover’ retoucher this meant my role was easily fufilled and I could concenrate my efforts on the ‘family’ side of the business, which pulled in more revenue. Clifton’s ‘attention to detail’ definitely stuck with me, as majority of the pieces were large wall art, or used for marketing/publicity no mistake could be left behind, I however didn’t let this slow down how efficiently I worked.


        Image Creator / Video Editor

        Ocean Images

        Sep 2015 - Apr 2016
        • Southampton, United Kingdom
        • Full Time
        • As a image creator on a Holland America Line cruise ship, your role is to capture the many moments people experience during their cruise, using any equipment that can help do so, be that DSLR’s, GoPros, Video Cameras, or even using an old Kodak disposable camera. In this position I’ve found myself concentrating on the ideal moments to complete people’s cruise with the perfect photograph or video clip. I’ve found great fulfilment in creating memories for the guests, from a formal night portrait, getting dressed up for them on the gangway, or videoing their tour for the day, all to make a polished final product that the guests can enjoy and I can be proud of. Alongside creating these moments, my role also included tailoring the perfect package for every individual, couple or family on board, this pushed my sales skills as there was targets that needed to be met. As an image creator working hard was necessary to earn your keep, you had to be proactive and creative to engage your clients and make the work stand out from ‘just any other cruise ship photography’.



        Oct 2011 - Jul 2014
        • Farnham, United Kingdom
        • I graduated UCA Farnham with a 2:1 within Photography.