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Megan Conery

Creative Project ManagerLondon, United Kingdom
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Megan Conery

Creative Project ManagerLondon, United Kingdom
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A creative project manager professional looking to specialise in multi-channel, digital campaigns. Motivated with a strong background in marketing and communications and the ability to deliver projects holistically, efficiently and effectively. With 5 years of experience with various industries and brands. KEY SKILLS Project Management – ability to take ownership of projects, organise prioritise and manage multiple projects in order to meet tight deadlines. Experienced in Agile and Traditional Methodologies Creative Skills – consistently manage creative projects from brief through to final project completion. Working across multiple platforms, delivering simple to complex campaigns strategically. Knowledgeable and adept at using Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and Google Drive Communication – able to write and deliver clear, concise briefs, report updates, marketing communications papers and proposals. Collaborating confidently with stakeholders internally, externally and remotely
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Projects credited in
  • Such is ArtThe publication aims to guide the reader through the often confusing topic of modern and contemporary art by interactively engaging with them. The goal is achieved thanks to the inclusion of creative methods of knowledge-building that encourage the audience to take sides and form their own opinions. Such is Art with its structure breaks that formality that often surrounds art-related matters, allowing the reader to loosen up and interact with the content.
  • Hotdog magazine 2018; this issue has 3 themes which are: Art, Food and Death.
  • Man-Made Disaster: Patriarchy & The Planet25 APRIL 2019, 10AM – 8PM PROTEIN STUDIOS LONDON
  • Why Theresa May’s Brexit means oh shit(Originally published by Do The Green Thing, June 2017) There are plenty of ways to choose how you’ll vote on 8 June. You can let the economy guide you, or health, or housing. Or, if you’re a maudlin red-clad countryman, fox hunting. Or you could vote on the environment (a.k.a. the biggest threat facing humanity), an issue that is inextricably linked to our physical health, food security, homesand planetary future. If you care about any of these things, then there is only one path: Vote against
  • Why climate change is not a debate(Article published by Do The Green Thing, October 2017) Donald Trump’s ‘unpresidented‘ rise to power has seen an entire government administration built on logical fallacies. Flawed arguments are wall-to-wall in the Trump era: Circular reasoning. Appeal to fear. Appeal to ignorance. OMG the ignorance. Traditionally, it’s the responsibility of the fourth estate (the media) to save us from such rhetorical trickery. Trouble is, the media is so used to trafficking in logical fallacies of its own, th
  • The carbon cost of cocaineDo The Green Thing uses a microsite, editorial argument and film to launch the world’s first meaningful calculation of the carbon cost of cocaine. Check out:
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  • Cost Negotiating
  • Developing Production Schedules
  • Excel
  • Indesign
  • Photoshop
  • Abobe Illustrator
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Digital Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Content Marketing
    Master of Arts
     - London, United Kingdom
    MA in Publishing
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) University College Cork
     - Cork, Ireland
    BA in Art History and English Literature