Michael-Jon Mizra

Michael-Jon Mizra

Composer | Project Director | FacilitatorManchester, United Kingdom
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Michael-Jon Mizra

Michael-Jon Mizra

Composer | Project Director | FacilitatorManchester, United Kingdom
About me
A composer and sound designer working with agencies, businesses, and artists. I've got a versatile approach drawing equally from my experiences as a contemporary club music producer and a traditionally trained composer. I've worked with brands such as Alexander McQueen and have shown my work at cultural centres such as the Design Mueseum, London.
    SUPERPOSITIONCreated in collaboration with director and choreographer Sara Green as part of Manchester International Festival's development program (2019).
  • Displacement Native
    Displacement NativeA data - composition. Commissioned by Peshkar(UK), Out Of The Box (Belgium) and The Centre for Inter-Cultural Dialogue (North Macedonia). In response to the theme 'Alternarration' - an examination of tools for combating radicalisation and exploring related themes.
  • Sounds of A People
    Sounds of A PeopleAn interactive audio installation for the Design Museum , London 'Designers Residency 2017'. Made in collaboration with architect and designer Yinka Danmole. The composition is for two voices.
Work history
    Associated ArtistThe Royal Exchange Theatre
    Manchester, United KingdomFreelance
    My association with the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester offers me unique access to development opportunities and support. I am currently producing work with their support, where I have in-kind space, funding and training opportunities.
    Digital Media FacilitatorPeshkar
    Oldham, United KingdomFreelance
    I occupy various positions within the art organisation Peshkar. I work as a facilitator, delivering various projects with a focus on digital media. In this capacity, I have worked as a guest lecturer at Oldham Sixth Form College in Game Audio Design. This is an on-going and exciting role, as it allows me to develop my understanding of the field whilst keeping my 'auxiliary' skills fine-tuned. I walk students through Adobe Audition for editing and sound design preparation for middleware implementation in Wwise. Furthermore, I've led multiple projects on interactive coding and sound design for participants between the ages of 5 - 18. For interactive coding I use open-source software Processing, which is easily accessible both financially and in terms of education. For younger years I use Scratch which is a browser-based platform that teaches key-concepts through accessible abstractions. I also sit on the board, where I have a voice in how the artist development programs are structured and delivered and have a voice in the organisation's structure and planning. This has allowed me to converse with a wide variety of people who have an invested interest in the development of the arts in Oldham.
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  • Project Management
  • Composition
  • Facilitation
  • Communication
  • Team Leadership
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    MusicUniversity of Leeds
     - Leeds, United Kingdom
    A great course where I picked up a lot of early inspiration for the work I produce now. By my final year, I was focused on generative composition techniques, and what 'live-ness' meant in electronic and computer performances.