Millie Fleming

Millie Fleming

Drama and Performance StudentLondon, United Kingdom
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Millie Fleming

Millie Fleming

Drama and Performance StudentLondon, United Kingdom
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My official name is Millie but i'll normally respond to anything down to oi. Creative drama graduate to be. Currently volunteering with the charity SERICC to create a conference run by young people on how government officials can treat survivors of sexual assault. I really like performance art... and coffee. I don't have a website but follow my twitter @mfleming202
    JUST EATA collaborative show exploring the lives and relationships of four people with food. Full of humour, songs and real-life stories, JUST EAT showcase its first show at the Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham!
  • be creative
    be creativeA tribute to my creative writing group! This book collectively celebrated everyones creative writing abilities as well as producing a book to showcase our art! Everything from short stories to poetry, the sad and the happy, the big and the small. This book really is a representation of us as a team!
  • Happy Families
    Happy FamiliesAn experimental performance piece, that explored the themes of family and the immediate expectation of a 'connection' towards family from blood relations. We took a Dadaist influence of anti-establishment and deconstructed family using objects connecting to sweetness such as sugar, syrup and coke. Then themes of cleanliness with toothpaste and washing- these then all connected to the theme of perfection and the perfect image that a family is pressured to have, whereas in reality all families ar
  • Curation
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Collaborating
  • Creative Thinking
  • Communication
  • Budegting
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    BA(Hons) Drama and PerformanceLondon South Bank University
    Elephant and Castle, London, UK
    Majour skills in collaboration and critical thinking have been engaged throughout this course. Skills such as working as an effective team member as well as individually have been pushed, through curating performance and performance art. Time management, marketing and creative engagement are some qualities encouraged from workshop creating with fellow colleagues. Also an in depth understanding of audience safeguarding and ethics when creating performance has been a running conversation throughout.