Modu Sesay

Film Director

London, United Kingdom
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  • Film Director
  • Film Director
  • Film Director

About me

Born in Lagos to Sierra Leonean parents, filmmaker Modu Sesay pursued a career in accounting before realising his creative potential. Swapping the calculator for the camera, Modu quickly made a name for himself through shooting music videos and short films for hip hop artists such as Sampa The Great and Danny Brown. Since then he has collaborated with and created content for a range of clients including Adidas, Mini Cooper and Domino Records. Modu’s dreamy, artful and surreal aesthetic is encapsulated through his ability to first build a world, and then welcome us into it through the eyes of his characters. Modu is also heavily involved in East London based PrettyBird UK and North West London based Solo City Films, both being multi discipline studios creating contemporary films, installations and performance art, with work featured in spaces such as Ace Hotel London and Protein Studios.

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Sep 2012
  • London, United Kingdom