muriel tiberghien

freelance animator


About me

Over the last 13 years, I've been working in the field of animation doing 3d and 2d animation for advertising, feature film, show projections, TV motion graphics. I worked on important project like feature films "Mister Nobody", "Silk", Lenny Kravitz's show projection 2012, or Beck's clip video, bringing creativity and know-how. I have also a large expertise in commercials, doing camera tracking and integrating animation in the footage and an experience as supervisor of a team for a TV serie. With a good capacity of listening and understanding, I can produce quickly nice quality of animations using After effect, C4D, Illustrator, photoshop. My experience:

Locked Pro Plan feature


  • 3D Computer Animation
  • Character Animation
  • After Effects
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Explainer Video
  • Video Clip
  • C4D
  • Trapcode
  • Adversiting
  • Motion Graphic

Companies I’ve worked with

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      Google Creative Lab

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          Fly Studio


          Work history


          Animator 3D/2D


          Apr 2012
          • Buenos Aires, Argentina
          • Freelance
          • 3D/2D animation for commercials, video clips, show projections, feature films, web animation, presentation


          Animator 3D/2D

          Fly Studio

          Jan 2007 - Mar 2012
          • Montreal, Canada
          • Full Time
          • Working on commercials, videoclips, show projections, feature films, doing animatics, animation, with Softimage and After Effect. Projects exemples: - "Mister Nobody" feature film, "Beck Cell Phone's Dead" video clip, "SSX" game opening, "Lenny Kravitz" projections for the 2011 tour concert, “Videotron”, “Walmart”, “Nestle” commercials,