Natalie Jane

Natalie Jane

CreativeManchester, United Kingdom
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Natalie Jane

Natalie Jane

CreativeManchester, United Kingdom
About me
I am a 20 year old creative based between Manchester, Leeds, and Pendle, UK. I am a trained singer and a proficient songwriter, and have performed on stage multiple times including two weddings - one in Bolton, UK, and another on a yacht in Cyprus. Furthermore, I have skills in media production and filmmaking, my strongest areas being writing and editing. I have a strong passion and skill for writing, both creative and factual, which comes in handy for scripts and songs.
    DINAH - VISUAL E.P.Directed by: Natalie Whittaker Cinematography by: Weronika Okroj Music by: 'Natalie Jane' (Natalie Whittaker) Produced by: Weronika Okroj Starring: Natalie Whittaker and Theo Nembhard "Heard a Lotta Things"; "Say That You're in Love": Edited by Natalie Whittaker "Depth": Edited by Weronika Okroj
  • Loveslots [2018] - Short Film
    Loveslots [2018] - Short FilmIn 2018, I worked as the assistant director and as part of the costuming team for a short film named "Loveslots". As well as this, I also conducted the graphic design for the film.
  • Redacted [2017] - Short Film
    Redacted [2017] - Short FilmIn 2017 I worked as the editor and lead actor in a short film named "Redacted".
  • Singing
  • Song Writing
  • Acting Performing
  • Music Performance
  • Design
  • Filmmaking
  • Creative Writing
  • Script Writer
  • People Person
  • Fashion