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Marketing and EventsLondon, United Kingdom
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New Designers Admin

Marketing and EventsLondon, United Kingdom
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  • Creative Conscience + New Designers Partnership 2020.We are proud and excited to announce our partnership with New Designers. New Designers is an annual graduate design showcase full of disruptive thinking, ambitious ideas and fresh approaches – a perfect partnership for Creative Conscience as we too put young creatives at the heart of everything we do.
  • The Eternal RecurrenceNow a large number of environmental protection declarations can be seen everywhere, but saving the planet is still a very difficult problem. What about space? Exploring outer space has been an important task for mankind over the years. After the exploring how many waste are left in the universe? The wreckage of the aircraft, dust, engines, etc. have been left in space forever. No one knows how the environment of the universe will change in the future. We should seriously consider this issue and
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