Niomi Fogden

Niomi Fogden

Illustrator & Graphic Designer | Full Time Mac & Cheese TesterGibraltar
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Niomi Fogden

Niomi Fogden

Illustrator & Graphic Designer | Full Time Mac & Cheese TesterGibraltar
About me
I believe that normal is boring. I'm a multi-disciplined, design loving creative, obsessed with cooking up deliciously colourful designs and Mac and Cheese. I find my joy is in the process so I strive to create bold, original concepts and designs that reflect your brand values and resonate with your audience. I specialise in illustration, graphic design, small business design needs and fun. I dislike baked beans, misogyny and bland design.
  • Happy Holiblaze - Christmas Weed Stationery
    Happy Holiblaze - Christmas Weed StationeryCreate Christmas stationery focused on weed with a retro twist. I settled on 'Let's get baked' and 'Happy Holiblaze' and incorporated a fun colourful modern palette with vintage elements.
  • The Chocolatesmiths - Love Isn't
    The Chocolatesmiths - Love Isn'tThe brief from The Chocolatesmiths was to illustrate and design a limited edition chocolate bar for their 'Bizarre' chocolate range for valentine's day around the theme 'Love isn't'. Initially intended to be a bar for singletons, the pandemic meant morale was low and so I pitched the idea of it being more of a self-love bar that could also be sent to loved ones as a pick me up. I injected humour into the description on the back of the bar and kept it colourful and positive to reflect the message
  • SuperMuckers Character Design - MucknBrass
    SuperMuckers Character Design - MucknBrassZoe from Muck n Brass commissioned me to create three 80's inspired superheroes of the crafting world - The Maker, The Baker and The Crafter. Each design needed to be of her face but without looking like an exact replica. It needed to stand alone as well as look consistent when used together so that it could be used for crafting apparel and merch, both for adults and children. Pink is their primary brand colour and overalls are Zoe's trademark look so I incorporated them into the design first an
  • Chocolate Gift Wrap
    Chocolate Gift WrapChocolate-inspired christmas gift wrap with a colourful retro feel that can still be used year-round. Sold out within 2 hours and is one of Foggish's most successful selling designs.
  • Limited Edition Prints, Lil's Parlour Nostalgia Subscription Box
    Limited Edition Prints, Lil's Parlour Nostalgia Subscription BoxIn celebration of Lil's Parlour's 40th birthday, she commissioned me to create a postcard-sized, limited edition print to go into each of her sold-out, nostalgia-themed subscription boxes. She wanted it to feature her signature hot-dog brownie corndog as well as Zippy and the gang, and lastly to be in 3 colourways.
  • It's a Christmas Cake B*tch!
    It's a Christmas Cake B*tch!Custom cake illustration for Oh My Cakery. The amazingly fun brief was to create a playfully pink and alternative pop-culture inspired Christmas Cake, that would tie in with their vintage feel whilst still being very modern.
Projects credited in
  • #HeyHarry - BetVictor
    #HeyHarry - BetVictorWe’ve partnered with BetVictor to create a campaign starring the bookmaker’s new brand ambassador, King of the Jungle and football managing legend Harry Redknapp. We tapped into Harry’s penchant for giving his own brand of advice to fellow “I’m a Celeb” contestants and imagined a new voice-activated service where Harry could do that for everyone. Whether it’s asking for the secret to the perfect marriage, or a red hot tip for the footie, Harry is the man you go to ask for life advice. So, to l
Work history
    Creative LeadBetvictor
     - GibraltarFull Time
    Worked my way up from a Junior Graphic Designer to a Creative Lead over a period of 6 years. During that time I was responsible for producing banners both for sportsbook and casino, overseeing LFC content, and was the lead for numerous campaigns which never missed their deadines. I'm highly capable of producing both print and digital assets and am a strong team player, both as a leader and a friend. My eye for colour and detail meant I thrived in casino and this where I grew as a creative leader. I led a team in the implementation of a live casino in Riga and the brand assets from banners to staff uniforms. I have taught multiple departments how to use photoshop and my friendly demeanor helped me to deliver a company-wide presentation on what a day in the creative department is like followed up with a Tik Tok team-building workshop for over 100 new staff members as part of our Brand Day.
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Design
  • Art Direction
  • Business Collaboration
  • Creative Arts
  • Creative Design
  • Humour
  • Creative Leadership
  • Deadline Management
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    BA Hons in Media ArtsUniversity of Plymouth
     - Plymouth, United Kingdom