Octavio Di Gianni

Octavio Di Gianni

CreativeBarcelona, Spain
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Octavio Di Gianni

Octavio Di Gianni

CreativeBarcelona, Spain
  • Un Baiser du soleil
    Un Baiser du soleilShot on Canon A-1 / Kodak Portra 400 & 800 Model: Xavier (@_panterino) It had been raining the days before, but the sun came back for one last dance with the sea before saying farewell to the warm days of summer. We walked through the lush, wild beach, playing hide and seek with the sun. We let the sea embrace us with her song of salt and wind. And in the end, we said goodbye to the sun for another day, caressing its last strokes on the starlit sky.
  • Kalin
    KalinShot on Canon A-1 / Kodak UltraMax 400
  • Xavier
    XavierShot on Canon A-1 / Kodak UltraMax 400 Model: Xavier (@_panterino) This shooting is proof that things rarely go as planned, and that there precisely resides the beauty of life. We had a completely different idea planned for these photos, but the day got cloudy and we had to improvise. And then, beauty happened.
  • Monte Skates
    Monte SkatesThis year I have started a project I have been preparing for months. Monte Skates is an ecological skateboards brand, born at the meeting point between the love for skateboards and the love for this planet. Being ecology on the foundation of our brand, we take used skateboards and reshape them into completely new decks. We give them new shapes, new designs and altogether, new vibes. One of our goals is to become a zero-waste brand. For that, we plan to also use recycled wood to make our very ow
  • A day in town
    A day in townA collection of photographies I have taken with my phone around my town in three different days during my favourite time of the day, the golden hour, where the sun says goodbye with its most beautiful light before the night falls. All digital edited solely with VSCO.
  • Sand & Salt
    Sand & SaltMy brother wanted to go surfing, see if he could catch some waves in the stormy sea. I took my camera and went along. Unfortunately, the water was too unstable to provide proper waves, but we had a lot of fun. Him trying, me capturing it. We got some good shots in the end! Shot with Canon A-1 / Kodad TX 400
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