Olly Donovan

Olly Donovan

Experience DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Olly Donovan

Olly Donovan

Experience DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
A multidisciplinary designer experienced in high-level strategy, user-centred research, service & experience design. Deeply interested in people-centred, data driven projects. Passionate about developing a career in the intersection of behaviour change and positive impact - either social or environmental. Graduate of Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, in a joint masters programme - Innovation Design Engineering.
  • Synaesthesia Simulator
    Synaesthesia SimulatorA self initiated project to explore synaesthesia: a condition that allows some people to experience an ‘overlapping of the senses’ eg tasting noises. I created an installation, which attempts to recreate sound-to-vision synaesthesia, so those without it can experience it and improve their understanding of it. I sourced a soundbite of Sean Day, a synaesthete describing his condition - what he sees when he hears music. I wrote music using the instruments he discussed, and then animated visuals to
  • Walk the Line
    Walk the LineA government set brief to promote a healthy lifestyle, tackling the obesity crisis. Through research I discovered that the minimum exercise an adult should do is 20 minutes each day, which is around 6 songs. As music is universally enjoyed, I felt this was the most attractive and persuasive approach to exercise. As well as being beneficial to mental health through increasing happiness. I focused the campaign in London, as it's transport infrastructure is so prevalent that it discourages walking more than a short distance. I took visual cues from tube map infographics, twisting the narrative by changing the tube lines to liken earphones, to communicate the idea of listening to music whilst on the journey. The 'Walk the Line' logo reinforces this idea by replacing the iconic circle of The Underground logo with the universal 'play' symbol. I advanced the idea by creating way-finding in the form of earphone wires following the tube lines, removing the discouragement caused by lack of knowledge of the surrounding area. Meaning more people will take part. Adding the suggestion on google maps adds another opportunity to persuade more people to take part, by suggesting the incorporation of a 20 minute walk into their journey. This addition into the google maps service further lowers the bar for participation by allowing location software to determine the most efficient & timesaving route for the user.
  • Choose-Your-Own-Dinner Adventure Book
    Choose-Your-Own-Dinner Adventure BookTasked with creating a narrative about risk, I made this tongue in cheek book detailing the risk of getting food envy when dining out (the realisation of preferring what your companion has ordered causing you to regret your own decision). This took the form of a choose your own adventure book, using tabs to advance the reader through the narrative. As the story goes on, the reader is given an increasingly large number of choices till each tab is little more than 3mm thick, making it increasingly fiddly and unwieldy to progress through the book; playfully burdening the reader's ability to make a choice, echoing the anxiety and indecision one may experience whilst trying to avoid the risk of food envy.
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Work history
    Experience DesignerON5 UK
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    ON5 UK is an R&D subsidiary, specialising in sustainable business development. Their mission is to reduce the UK’s domestic energy consumption. My role in the company is to carry out a user-centred research process to inform and design a holistic home retrofit service. Being the Experience Designer in a small team involved directing the company strategy and high-level project planning. This was largely informed by meetings with stakeholders and industry experts such as EDF, BNP Paribas, and Anthesis. We actioned the plan undertaking semistructured interviews with previous retrofit customers and potential customers to inform our market research and design decisions. A cyclical process of wireframing, prototyping and testing enabled us to build up a list of features our potential customers desire. Informing the architecture of our entire user journey, from granular user flows to holistic service diagrams. Taking a data-driven approach, I undertook design experiments based on cutting edge behaviour change techniques and tested their efficacy when applied in our specific product feature. The findings from our process are synthesised into an actionable roadmap for our partners, and informed our decisions moving toward product launch.
    Market ResearcherFourth
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Conducting market research, data analysis and visualisation.
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    MSc EngineeringImperial College, London
     - London, United Kingdom
    a joint double-masters programme with the Royal College of Art called Innovation Design Engineering.
    Design MAThe Royal College of Art
     - London, United Kingdom
    a joint double-masters programme with Imperial College London called Innovation Design Engineering.
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