Oriana Jemide

Oriana Jemide

Art tutor/Freelance Fine Artist/Workshop FacilitatorLondon, United Kingdom
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Oriana Jemide

Oriana Jemide

Art tutor/Freelance Fine Artist/Workshop FacilitatorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Oriana Jemide is a multidisciplinary creative working within visual arts, performing arts and creative writing. Her journey began at a very tender age, growing up in a creative household, with her dad who is a cake decorator and her mother who is a script writer and poet. She was often in her parents work spaces, sketching cake designs with her dad or reading her mother’s scripts. Being immersed in creativity this way sparked her interest in the arts. This influence from her parents had her split between what pathway to go down as she had become quite fond of both visual arts and creative writing. After studying Art and Design and English Literature up until sixth form, she began a BA in Fashion and Sportswear Design as she loved sketching womenswear. After a year of her degree, she decided that fashion was not for her as it did not give her the freedom of expression she desired. She took a gap year to recalibrate and decide what she really wanted to do. During her gap year she was commissioned by a family friend to work on some acrylic paintings and she fell in love with this artform. She began a BA in Fine Art, in the following year and graduated with a First Class, specialising in painting, sculpture and installation art. She sometimes dabble in portraiture but is mainly a landscape artist. Her work focuses on developing sensory architectural and landscape sets through combining multiple mediums including painting, sculpture, photography and sound. Oriana’s journey in fine art is only one aspect of her work. She is also a poet who began writing at the age of 12, documenting her feelings about the hard time she was having after her parents separation. She started sharing her poetry online at 16 through various blogs and began performing her poems when she was 19. Through the course of her career as a poet, she has performed at various organisations, events and cities including Metro Bank, Brentwood Gospel Festival, Cardiff, Birmingham and London. In 2019, she self-published her first book, ‘When Will You Let Yourself See?’ which is a book of poems and musings that focus on navigating identity as a young woman in the 21st century. A lot of her poetry is quite personal tackling themes such as faith, womanhood, cultural identity and mental health. For her, poetry is a way of practicing vulnerability whilst delivering relatable stories and empowering messages. In addition, she is the founder of two thriving organisations. Medela (formerly Jewels of Jael) is an arts and wellbeing platform that aims to help people improve their emotional and mental wellbeing through fine art workshops, mentorship and empowering content. Since starting this organisation in 2017, she has facilitated over 20 workshops working with young people, universities, charities and corporate companies. In 2019, she launched an arts and entertainment platform, The Soaking Rooms, which aims to promote upcoming and independent artists in the UK, with an intimate evening showcase of visual arts, performing arts and panel discussions. She hopes to use this platform to bridge the gap between audiences and artists in various cities and use art as a way to discuss hard-hitting topics within society and life. She is passionate about the healing power of the arts, wants people to engage with it beyond entertainment. To her ‘Art is not just about aesthetics, it has the power to very literally heal people who engage in it whether as a practice or just through receiving it’. She believes that the art industry can be quite elitist in nature and plans to be a part of ways of creating more access for everyday people to view, learn about and engage in art as well as help people see it as a viable career path.
  • The Medela School
    The Medela SchoolThis is not a school in a traditional sense. It is a body, developing community of artists and wellbeing practitioners combining forces to help people of all ages and backgrounds improve their emotional and mental wellbeing through creative art workshops. We design and deliver workshops that combine artistic expression, personal development and wellness to provide people with a fun, relaxed and safe space to improve their wellbeing. As well as helping individuals improve their wellbeing, our goa
  • The Pursuit of Happiness
    The Pursuit of HappinessThis is an ongoing immersive landscape art project, currently in its infancy with rough painting ideas
  • What It Means To Be A Child (A Series of Self Portraits)
    What It Means To Be A Child (A Series of Self Portraits)
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Projects credited in
  • ArtNight Workshops in London
    ArtNight Workshops in LondonWorking with a hugely talented team of artists to offer fun-filled painting workshops to budding artists of all skill levels. Check us out here: https://www.artnight.co.uk/london/
Work history
    Workshop AssistantEstudio Ciento2
    Seville, SpainInternship
    I am working as a workshop assistant at a handmade glass jewellery, glassware and archaeological objects studio. My role involves assisting the studio owners with day-to-day tasks involved in producing their jewellery and glassware collections. I am involved in tasks such as assembling and finishing different collections of glass, glass gluing and glass cutting, sandblasting, making small pieces with fusing techniques. I also do stock checks, classifications and labelling of products and display maintenance.
    ArtNight logo
    ArtNight logo
    Freelance ArtistArtNight
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    In this role, I source out locations that are happy to collaborate with me on a weekly basis, to supply art classes in their quieter evenings. My working days are 2 - 4 days a week. Each week I prep for the art nights I have that week, preparing the painting I am going to be teaching. My role also includes setting up and packing down at the locations, whilst teaching and catering to the needs of my class. A standard class last for two hours and more intensive session of three hours. I am also responsible for promoting my art nights so that tickets sell and it is fully booked out.
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  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Art Education
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Sculptural Installation
  • Clay Sculpting
  • Performance Poetry
  • Set Design
  • Set Decoration
  • Mentoring
    London Metropolitan University logo
    London Metropolitan University logo
    BA Fine ArtLondon Metropolitan University
     - London, United Kingdom
    I have a First Class Honours in BA Fine Art, specialising in painting and sculpture. Through this degree, I have acquired skills in photography, print making, sculpture, installation, and painting.