osman kursad Tuncer

osman kursad Tuncer

ComposerIstanbul, Turkey
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osman kursad Tuncer

osman kursad Tuncer

ComposerIstanbul, Turkey
About me
Curiosity is what defines me. I’m always up to new experiences with a purpose. I follow Wagner’s Gesamtkunstwerk, Debussy’s conscious of explore.
  • MMO - aar aar (Full production)
    MMO - aar aar (Full production)I handle the songwriting, production, mixing, and mastering process of MMO's latest banger aar aar.
  • unsynchronised. (piece)
    unsynchronised. (piece)-3 bears, please. -do you like my new zebra? -get the f*ck out of my face, would you please? ...and on, this is the mechanical behavior of an unsynchronised. manner synesthesia. a blurry color plaette. never neat, ever. This track is a story from my memories. I have thesememories from my life. None of them happened.
  • from the notebook. (Concept Album)
    from the notebook. (Concept Album)Struggles for communication. My music language has a big variety of speaking skills. ox is an experimental project updated day by day. "from the notebook." concept is an introverted speaking leak.
  • Live Act at SónarLab by Red Bull //Sonar Istanbul 2020
    Live Act at SónarLab by Red Bull //Sonar Istanbul 2020I made the opening of grand Sónar Istanbul 2020.
  • tunnel.
    tunnel.an expression of an inside journey via music. A metaphor for "The light is at the horizon of the event."
  • Instant Distance (Concept Album)
    Instant Distance (Concept Album)Instant Distance is the latest 8 track album in which some of my masks are expressed by metaphors. Pieces in the album revolve around the formulations of sonic world reactions against norms and behaviors based on certain patterns. Rejections, revolt against his roots, listening, empathy, and acceptance are the basic dynamics of the tracks on the album. In this context, tracks travel in a flow of ideas and feelings.
Work history
    Composerok tendencies.
    Istanbul, TurkeyFull Time
    Composing for visual media. Music production for artists.
  • Music Composition
  • Music Production
  • Sound Art
  • Sound Design
  • Soundtrack Composition
  • Film Music
  • Song Writing
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) Istanbul Bilgi University
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Studying music composition and production.