Patrick Ofosu

Patrick Ofosu

Web GeneralistLondon, United Kingdom
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Patrick Ofosu

Patrick Ofosu

Web GeneralistLondon, United Kingdom
About me
A positive, commercially aware, process driven web content professional, who thrives on initiation and collaboration with clients on and in facilitating compliant work in managing, coordinating and maintaining website(s). Areas of expertise: Web publishing | Web content management | SEO optimisation | Team leader | B2B | B2C | Agency-side and Client-side background Dabbling and learning writing, curating for radio a tad!
  • Rhythm and Frames Radio
    Rhythm and Frames RadioAn Artist + Radio collective based in London. Est 2020. A radio curator and selector on an appreciated two hour fortnight slot entitled "Epytion" (in progress title). A blurb: Patrick’s majority music selections and minority spoken words. The format of the show is everchanging. Thank you for your ears and time!
  • Highlife Music Deconstructed
    Highlife Music DeconstructedServed as a learning technical producer on this livestream series. The final episode was on 17/02/21. The Highlife Music Deconstructed Series (#HMDSeries) is a The GoldenStool Project, AKADi Magazine and Epytion collaboration that explores Ghana’s iconic sound. For more information and to watch the recorded episodes please visit - A taster below, thanks for joining us.
  • La Policía
    La PolicíaA piece written, recorded and shared on the Unlatched podcast - episode six ( - please to check the solid out), hosted by the lovely Jessica Kashdan-Brown and Amy Hodkin.
  • The Interview
    The InterviewA piece written and shared on The Social ( With the dope artwork by DJ Mella Dee!
  • Naked
    NakedA piece written. A response to the visual piece by Kobena Ampofo (@mnml_plus). Thanks to Gold Host for publishing and the opportunity to express. This was and is part of an ongoing exhibition entitled 'BODY'. Excerpt. A child. A boy. The linear journey of the son of man. Flesh adorned. Body adored. The sightings of different hues. The beauty of the earth’s tapestry subdued. My garments instigate a threat. Hold on. I am no threat. Don’t shoot. My clothing layers to come off. Don't shoot.
  • Inglish
    InglishA piece written and shared on The Social ( With the dope artwork by DJ Mella Dee!
Projects credited in
    WHITELINES SHORT FILMAn artistic short film telling the story of a broken man's journey into his pass. This was a passion project achieved with fellow filmmakers and editors. It was completed on a small budget and is currently being screened at small festivals. Jos Argyle wrote and directed this project and would appreciate any feedback or comments you may have.
  • ELATT: Your Learning Community
    ELATT: Your Learning CommunityWith the help of Vodafone, Jos Argyle produced a series of promotional videos celebrating 30 years for this Adult Education College. The videos focused on the success stories of pass students and features on the college's social media outlet. This project was made possible with the help of Elatt and a small production team. To view more videos which form part of this project, please visit:
  • Ep10: Past, Present, and Future
    Ep10: Past, Present, and FutureFeaturing poetry and fiction by Johnny Dean, Rachel Hasson, Sarah Lipton-Sidibeh and Patrick Ofosu, and an interview with Simone Eringfeld about her spoken word/music album ‘Please Hold’. Our performers delve into grief, self-love, and optimism in a series of pieces that range from historical explorations of 19th century Malvern Hills and 1970s Britain, to present day concerns of mental health and job interviews. Created based on interviews conducted during lockdown for ‘Cambridge Quaranchats’,
  • Patrick Ofosu
    Patrick OfosuDad had called Ntini to come and help herd of cows. Empana, his brother, repeated Dad's sentiment in case Ntini was paying no attention. Their voices faded in Ntini’s captivating horizon. His mind on cloud 9, his gaze and mouth jaw-dropping to the north. He became meticulous. What was this sound snaking into his ears like the chill caressing the skin? Goosebumps beginning. Gunshots incited Dad and Empana to panic! Ntini unshaken, delved into the gunshots, reminded of his favourite tune ‘Gunso
  • Unlatched Podcast Ep6: Hope in Uncertain Times
    Unlatched Podcast Ep6: Hope in Uncertain TimesFeaturing poetry, fiction and non-fiction by Lisa Levytska, Patrick Ofosu, Ann Kathryn Kelly and Callum Churchill and an interview with Jane Barkley Young and Adam Rowley from alt-pop duo The Kind. Our open mic performers reckon with uncertainty and sudden changes in circumstance, while our musician spotlight interview with The Kind discusses their EP ‘Tomorrow’ and creating music during lockdown.
  • Patrick Ofosu
    Patrick OfosuThey played in the rain to escape the mundane. 100 metre sprints, their expression - release. Abe - “Playing in the rain is freeing but tiring” Kwa - “Another run?” Abe - “Nope. You're funny”. Looking at each other, they burst into laughter. Kwa - “Let’s go, before Somi gets home from work”. They sprint home. Switch on the boombox. The cassette playing ‘Pinty’s City Limits’. They shower and dress. Make cups of tea. Chill in the hall to the wavy sounds of Pinty. Sister Somi opens the do
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