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Patrick Ofosu

EvolvingLondon, United Kingdom
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Patrick Ofosu

EvolvingLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Thanks for visiting my profile, hope all is well with you and family. A snippet of my ongoing journey. My background is in web content using content management systems (CMS). Currently WordPress and Adobe Experience Manager to maintain and update websites, helping clients with their web publishing needs since 2010. Expressions and learnings in writing, dictating, new opportunities, considerations, thinking a new, doing courses, is where I reside at current Keep safe and take care.
  • Highlife Music Deconstructed
    I serve as the technical producer on this livestream and web series. We are three episodes in and more to come dependent on current circumstances, ahem! The Highlife Music Deconstructed Series #HMDSeries is a The GoldenStool Project, AKADi Magazine and Epytion collaboration that explores Ghana’s iconic sound. For more information and to watch the recorded episodes please visit - Oh, a taster below. Thanks for joining us. Be safe.
  • Mon
    A piece written. ---- Early mon in the crack of dawn. The weather mild, the moon yawns and the battering wind now cemetery quiet. The human walked the beat with minimal tweets. A feline and fox, social distancing trotted by. Huffs, words fluttered the sphere. It was these two chaps expressing their agro, so crystal clear. Feline said “Fam, can you let me live.” Fox said “Bro, I just wanna play yo!” Feline said “Aye, well, I don’t. Mans bare hungry and on the nibble trail.” Fox said “Fam, we
  • La Policía
    A piece written, recorded and shared on the Unlatched podcast - episode six ( - please to check the solid out), hosted by the lovely Jessica Kashdan-Brown and Amy Hodkin.
  • The Interview
    A piece written and shared on The Social ( With the dope artwork by DJ Mella Dee!
  • In progress website - Epytion
    A selection of my experimental writings in standard English, Pidgin, some Twi, some Patois – a fusion or no fusion. An in progress idea/concept to try, express thoughts and feelings through poetry, short stories, prose, storied articles. It maybe fiction, non-fiction or a combination of both.
  • Naked
    A piece written. A response to the visual piece by Kobena Ampofo (@mnml_plus). Thanks to Gold Host for publishing and the opportunity to express. This was and is part of an ongoing exhibition entitled 'BODY'. Excerpt. A child. A boy. The linear journey of the son of man. Flesh adorned. Body adored. The sightings of different hues. The beauty of the earth’s tapestry subdued. My garments instigate a threat. Hold on. I am no threat. Don’t shoot. My clothing layers to come off. Don't shoot.
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    Web Publishing LeadCheil
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Maintaining and content updates for main client Samsung Europe’s account across 32 websites.
    Content EditorTMW Unlimited
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    Maintaining and content updates for main client Infiniti UK’s account website.
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