Paul Barkworth

Event Project Manager/Producer

London, United Kingdom
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About me

Event Management ★ Project Management ★ Event Manager ★ Audience Experience A senior event manager with over 25 years of experience managing high profile events across music, sports and entertainment. My clients typically have strong brands and include IBM, YouTube, BBC, Toyota, Samsung KX, FIFA, Jay Z and Adidas. Highly motivated with significant creative energy, I am extraordinarily results-oriented and thrive in pressure situations. Over the years, I have gained a reputation as being someone that not only gets the results but has a natural flair for thinking outside the box to ensure they are outstanding. During my career, I have refined my ability to take the initial client concept, and develop it into a memorable event that not only secures a high engagement from users but also delivers against the key brand metrics. To that end, I am comfortable with blending data-led insight with a depth of experience that achieves exceptional results. Over the years, I have gained a reputation for attention to detail, managing risk, and pre-empting potential problems that would typically de-rail a project. It’s a reputation of which I’m incredibly proud. Most recently, a complex and substantial project that I managed was the Cog X - a three-day conference on artificial intelligence that had 40 sponsors and 45,000 attendees. This project called on my ability to maintain an extensive network of stakeholders. The outcome was a conference that was not only delivered on time and to budget but one that surpassed the expectations of clients. In summary, I’m a creative and resourceful events manager with over two decades of experience who is comfortable being part of the team or leading it. I have managed projects (Including remotely) inside and outside of the UK. Get in touch today for a chat about your next event. Specialities: Event Management | Manager | Leader | Event Planning | Facilitator | Hospitality | Corporate | Music | Sports | Budget | Media | Thought Leader | Creative Events | Location Finder | Music Promoter | Music Programmer | Consultant

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