Polina Kolesnikova

Polina Kolesnikova

Interaction designerLondon, United Kingdom
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Polina Kolesnikova

Polina Kolesnikova

Interaction designerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I’m a multimedia London based creative trained as a contemporary designer with a focus on interaction design and arts. I’m skilled in graphic design, Illustration, typography, photography, moving image as well as creative, critical and forward-thinking, visualisation and ideation. My professional interest lie at the intersection of human-centred design, multimedia visual communications, sustainability, user experience and art. I would like to create a functional, smart yet aesthetically appealing design. I’m keen on wide-ranging creative problem-solving projects and potentially creative management and art direction.
  • Magnetic Maze
    Magnetic MazeThis was a brief from the Science Museum in which I had to create an interactive object to be exhibited at a ‘Lates’ event. The piece was on the theme of ‘Science City 1550 – 1800’; celebrating the impact of scientific experimentation and evolution in London during this time. The task of this interactive game is to escape the maze by moving it, ensuring the iron filings stay together. This installation draws inspiration from George Adams’ mahagony toy box invention and offers a playful way of e
  • Made in Germany
    Made in Germany‘Made in Germany’ is about a place where people have the opportunity of making their dreams come true. The aim of this branding identity design project was to present Germany as a land of opportunities through a series of five posters. These posters reflect on the idea of turning dreams into a structured plan and working your way towards achieving the goals. Germany, as a country, is presented as a platform with social and economic facilities to make it happen.
  • The Book of Anxious Thoughsta
    The Book of Anxious ThoughstaThis project aimed to use typography and bookmaking as mediums to communicate anxiety as an intangible phenomenon that many people experience in their lives. The design is based on Swiss style typography principles and has been inspired by Muller - Brockmann’s works. My way of interacting with anxiety and overthinking was by materialising my worries through writing. The design aims to illustrate and share my journey as well as allowing others to perhaps reflect on what they are going through in
  • The Self
    The SelfThis is a drawing project which serves as an extension to ‘The Book of Anxious Thoughts’. The drawings encapsulate different emotions and expressions that I have been experiencing whilst self-isolating. They also serve to document my reflections on different advices I have received in the past. I managed to produce around 50 drawings of myself, from which I’ve selected and presented only 22. These drawing are very diverse and represent a wide range of my emotions, states and thoughts.
  • Pastel and watercolour
    Pastel and watercolourMy background is in fine arts - this was very much my passion before stepping into the world of design. This experience gave me invaluable tools that I still benefit from today. Amongst them are drawing by hand, visualisation skills, as well as knowledge regarding colour theory and composition. My favourite medium is soft pastel, however, when I am sketching, I like to use black ink pens and watercolour. I am able to practice creative thinking and observation skills through drawing and paintin
  • Anti-objects
    Anti-objectsIn this project, I explored the use of affordances in design. My thoughts were shaped by Donald A. Norman’s book “The design of everyday things”. According to his definition “Affordances provide strong clues to the operation of things.” Anti-affordances are misleading and confusing properties of objects that prevent them from being used as intended. As a part of this project I created objects with deliberate anti-affordances which rendered them “useless”.
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Work history
    Designer/ ArtistRiga
    Tattoo sketches, fashion illustrations, decorations, graphic design for private businesses.
    DesignerScience Museum Lates
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    Developed a concept and created an Interactive game for the Science Museum Lates. I have built an interactive game that explores and demonstrated the power of magnetism.
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  • Design Construction
  • Problem Solving
  • Creative Thinking
  • Aesthetic Vision
  • Quick Learner
  • Systems Thinking
  • Illustration
  • Visualisation
  • Brainstorming
  • Aesthetic
  • Ideation
  • Visual Design
  • Foreign Languages
  • Analaysis
  • Photography
  • Attentive
  • Time Management
  • Composition
  • Colour Matching
  • Custome Service
  • Demonstrates Initiative
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    BA (Hons) Interaction Design ArtsUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
    London, United Kingdom
    A practice-led, dynamic and exploratory course examining the relationship between people and experiences through experimental technologies and processes.
    Visual CommunicationUniversity of Applied Sciences Augsburg
     - Augsburg, Germany
    This was an Erasmus exchange in Germany. The course has a goal-oriented approach to developing creative, artistic, conceptional and methodical abilities.
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