Precious Agbabiaka

Precious Agbabiaka

FreelancerLondon, United Kingdom
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Precious Agbabiaka

Precious Agbabiaka

FreelancerLondon, United Kingdom
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Hello. My name is Precious Agbabiaka and I'm a content Creator. As someone who is passionate about video production I have gained valuable experience and skills over the years as a content creator. I have assisting on weekly video shoots as a videographer, a director and assistant director as well as written creative briefs for, organised and planned shoots in scenic locations around the UK to film big productions as well as editing scripts for smaller productions. I have edited high quality promotional and recap videos as part of social media campaigns and to be screened at events which demonstrates my versatility. Some of the companies I have produced videos (and taken photographs) for include Diabetes UK, JP Morgan and the University of Nottingham. Having worked with Diabetes UK and another organisation called Harmless UK, I’m experienced in working with patients and volunteers and skilled in helping them feel comfortable enough to speak to the camera about their personal stories. I have worked closely with teams across businesses to help plan video shoots, managed my department's annual budget and trained young people as well as volunteers to be proficient in the use of DSLRs and how to edit using Final Cut Pro X and adobe Premiere Pro. I'm proficient in the use of Adobe Creative Suite particular the products used to edit both still and moving images, I'm experienced in writing scripts and voice overs and I am dedicated to producing high quality, meaningful work. I have produced videos and taken photographs for: - JP Morgan - Diabetes UK - Go Think Big - Filmatography Europe - University of Nottingham - Hospital for Tropical Diseases - The Strivers Row (U.S. poetry collective) - M'Afrika Designs - Heart Church - Takeøver - Kinstory
  • Mother's Day Short Documentary
    Mother's Day Short Documentary
  • Exploring Nottingham Through Art
    Exploring Nottingham Through ArtHaving lived in Nottingham for almost 6 years I've played with the idea of moving. Back to London, to another city and to another country even. Whilst I'm unsure of whether l'll still be living here this time next year, I decided to take the time to explore the city I'm calling home, through paintings. Read about it here:
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