Priti Lalwani

Priti Lalwani

Freelance Graphic DesignerMadrid, Spain
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Priti Lalwani

Priti Lalwani

Freelance Graphic DesignerMadrid, Spain
About me
Hi there! I'm a queer graphic designer who's focusing on brand identity and music-based design. Currently, I am freelancing with Future Tonic, taking the lead on all things graphic design. From meticulously crafting presentations and designing informative booklets to curating engaging social media content and crafting design thinking tools, my creative contributions span a wide range of responsibilities. When I'm not immersed in design, you can find me traveling to experience live music, swimming laps at the pool, and trying to build mechanical keyboards during my leisure time. By merging my passions and talents, I strive to create visually stunning designs that resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impact.
  • Future Tonic – Brand Guidelines
    Future Tonic – Brand GuidelinesAs an innovation consulting and training agency, Future Tonic excels in helping companies drive innovation by applying a future-focused and human-centered design approach. In my role as Future Tonic's graphic designer, I identified certain brand inconsistencies. Thus, recognising the importance of maintaining a cohesive brand message across all channels, it became crucial for us to establish effective guidelines.
  • Conceptual Work – Design for Music
    Conceptual Work – Design for MusicI have an unwavering passion for graphic design (cliché, yeah, I'm aware). Thus, it brings me immense joy to channel this passion into crafting conceptual designs inspired by the media I consume during my free time, constantly fuelling my inspiration.
  • Future Tonic – Social Media Design
    Future Tonic – Social Media DesignFuture Tonic is an innovation consulting and training agency, propeling companies forward by leveraging a future-focused and human-centered approach to design. As part of my responsibilities, I was entrusted with the creation of a unified and modern visual identity for Future Tonic's social media content, aligning it with their existing branding. I developed an extensive collection of purpose-driven designs, including case studies, testimonials, quotes, tips, and more, all in line with the d
Work history
    Future Tonic logo
    Future Tonic logo
    Graphic DesignerFuture Tonic
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Future Tonic is an innovation consulting and training agency known for their future-focused, human-centered approach to design. During my final year at university, I joined Future Tonic as a Freelance Graphic Designer. My responsibilities include: ∙ Designing and producing project deliverables, which encompasses crafting infographics, laying out insightful reports and workshop stimuli, as well as designing posters and books for esteemed clients. ∙ Providing design and content creation support for the agency's website and various social media channels, ensuring a consistent and engaging online presence. ∙ Conducting design research to support the agency's project work, enabling informed decision-making and fostering innovation-driven solutions. Through my contributions, I help Future Tonic drive transformative innovation and deliver impactful design solutions.
    Huckletree logo
    Huckletree logo
    Brand DesignerHuckletree
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    Huckletree specialises in curating ecosystems and designing innovative services and programs to support businesses on their growth journey. In my role, my responsibilities included: ∙ Designing various brand assets and collateral, that encompass a wide spectrum of deliverables, ranging from presentations, email campaigns, landing pages, and social media content to printed collateral and event graphics. ∙ Developing design guidelines and templates that ensure seamless brand coherence and consistency across all creative outputs. ∙ Collaborating closely with the Art Director to seamlessly embed the refreshed visual identity within the organisation. Through these contributions, I actively enhanced Huckletree's brand experience and aligned with their mission of fostering growth and innovation.
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    BSc Digital DesignBrunel University London
     - London, United Kingdom
    BSc Digital Design is a modern and practical course that blends digital technology with a foundation in visual communication design.