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We aim to inspire "Good Growth" through conversations and collaborations with our community.
  • Protein x Nike Made to Play
    We teamed up with Nike to help them find the next generation of kids, coaches and employees who are driving and defining their communities from the ground up. Over six months, we explored five different markets (UK, Germany, Spain, France and South Africa) and captured inspiring voices and powerful imagery, creating over 25 short films that have since been used to inspire and empower a wider audience to get moving. See some of the project come to life in Refinery29, Inc. 29’s article celebrati
  • What does Influence mean today?
    Participate in our new community survey! We are continuing Dirty Words, a series of reports by Protein Agency that give new meaning to increasingly meaningless words. Following our first report on Exclusivity, we’re now looking at the world of Influence and what it truly means today. #protein #proteinagency #influence #dirtywords #influencer #influence #community #survey #report #future #change #brands #marketing #trends #research #insight
  • 'What are you really going to change?'
    ‘What are you really going to change?’ is our new report that maps out the long-term attitudes - rather than short-term reactions - to what the world might look like after lockdown. Speaking to over 1,000 members of the Protein community, we challenged them to think about what they are really going to change post-pandemic and explored their attitudes towards travel, relationships, wellness, finance and sustainability. We found that people are taking a moment to slow down and reflect on what’s i
  • What you really gonna change tho?
    We’d like to know if you will ... — re-route your life — re-evaluate your goals — re-consider your consumption — re-assess your relationships or just –– re-turn to your pre-pandemic life … once this is all over? We’ve been asking ourselves these questions, so now wanted to ask you if this ‘the dawn of a new realm’ or is it just a timeout before everything goes back to ‘business as usual’? So, if you have a few free WFH minutes, please click below to help us find out ✌️ ...
  • Stories of Growth — Season 2
    YESTERDAY WAS INTERNATIONAL WOMENS' DAY To celebrate the important occasion and all the womxn out there, we released Season 2 of our weekly Stories of Growth podcast. This month, we shine a light specifically on all of the inspiring female founders igniting positive change around the globe and remind ourselves of all the stellar female founders featured on our podcast. Season 2 launches with Siobhan Lyons, fashion director of The September Issues, a magazine celebrating the diversity and po
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  • Block Commodities x Hanger Inc. : European Cannabis Week
    As part of European Cannabis Week 2019, Protein and Block Commodities in collaboration with Hanger Inc. hosted the official European Cannabis Week opening party at Protein Studios. Partnering with Hanger Inc. the event showcased an exclusive installation and screening of their Season 09: High Altitudes collection and video companion, commissioned by 4:3. "Nature is unruly; mutinous and uncompromising." Music all night from Jordss as well as 'trees' generously supplied by Sugavision: Realistic
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