Radmir Volk

Radmir Volk

Graphic designerLondon, United Kingdom
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Radmir Volk

Radmir Volk

Graphic designerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Graphic and Type designer. By applying a systematic approach to design.
  • volksans / Typeface
    volksans / TypefaceHistorical font model with individual design of each glyph in a strict grid, with attention to every point of the Bezier curve and every shape
  • Noema Project
    Noema ProjectNoema is a project about passion and history. Noema's idea was born from the desire to create an archive that can be accessed at any time, to see the history of events and forecasts, and to compare what ideas about the world were “then” and “now”. Every event has different development options. Over time, it will become unclear who was right. The truth of some is lost in the lives of others.
  • WayRay®Grotesk
    WayRay®GroteskExclusive custom type for WayRay® In cooperation with WayRay Team
  • Spicy Tuna Beer
    Spicy Tuna BeerThis is a new beer brand concept that has never been launched before. It is a Japanese American beer concept that is simple, cool and fun The task was to create a cool, simple and fun Japanese-American beer concept so the average person can enjoy a smooth, fresh and crisp beer to have fun with
  • Logos & Marks collection. 2016 — Present
    Logos & Marks collection. 2016 — PresentSelected
  • WayRave: Cult of Deep Tech
    WayRave: Cult of Deep TechWayRave has started as a party for WayRay team only to celebrate their projects and achievements, and over time it grew into a festival and a movement of like-minded people who can move the Earth with their knowledge and passion
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Projects credited in
  • Bagstudios Logo Collection 2020 2025
    Bagstudios Logo Collection 2020 2025Featured by Behance and AIGA
  • Waju - Bagstudios
    Waju - BagstudiosPackaging design for Waju a Los Angeles-based producer of the H20 virtuoso that’s flipping the world’s perspective on where water comes from. #packagedesign #bagstudios #designconcept #brand #waju #cinema4d #packagingdesign #packaging #design #print #printing #branding #branding #productdesign #graphicdesign #water #keyshot #brand #3dprinting #logodesign #losangeles #fashion #vivid #visualization #logodesigner #behance #dribbblers #marketing #purplehaze #recruitingbusiness #adobephotoshop
  • 35 Logotypes - Bagstudios
    35 Logotypes - BagstudiosBusinesses and brands need to push their experiences to even more interesting domains. Not only in order to differentiate and disrupt, but to also attract. We believe that design just like the law of attraction works only when it comes to good intentions, nuanced thinking, and positive human experience. For the past 10 years, we build brands that achieved international recognition and success. portfolio: www.bagstudios.co Instagram: instagram.com/bag.studios behance: behance.net/bagstudios
  • Logotypes - Bagstudios
    Logotypes - BagstudiosBuilding brand strategies for complex technologies, innovative formulas and ingredients. In 10 years of experience in business design for mostly Scandinavian and USA clients our work succeed in achievement of award winning products.
  • Logotypes - Bagstudios
    Logotypes - Bagstudioskinetic designs by bagstudios
  • Niacid by Slurp Skincare Formula
    Niacid by Slurp Skincare FormulaNiacid is clear liquid formula developed to cure acne and fade acne marks. It called SLURP as the idea that the formula in skincare is something your skin loves and will ‘drink’ with ‘slurp’ it all up. The product’s name is Niacid. It is the combination of words ‘Niacinamide’ and ‘Acid’. Niacinamide Acid is Vitamin B3 which is a great product for acne and acne scars. Another ingredient is Tranexamic Acid which is a medicine for acne scars/blood clot. Niacid is modern cosmeceutical — very ster
Work history
    Radmir Volk logo
    Radmir Volk logo
    Graphic designerRadmir Volk
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Branding, Packaging and Typeface Design
  • Branding Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Logo Design
  • Typography Design
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Concept
  • Brand Identity
  • Identity Design
    German Design AwardGerman Design Council
    Excellent Brand Identity
    Cosmetic Design OscarCTYPEAWARD
    Packaging Design