Reanne Sutton

Production Assistant

  • LevelJunior
  • LocationLondon, United Kingdom
  • AvailabilityLocked Pro Plan feature
  • ProfessionsSocial Media Coordinator - Runner


About me

Philosopher by day, Morale-Keeper-Upper by night.


  • Analytical Writing
  • Comedy Writing
  • Philosophy
  • Dance Choreography
  • Dancer
  • German
  • Coffee Making
  • Driving License
  • Management
  • Teaching Experience

Companies I’ve worked with

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    RnD Media

    • Q

      Quater Horse Coffee


      Work history


      Production Assistant

      RnD Media

      Nov 2015
      • London, United Kingdom
      • Freelance
      • • Met with clients for kick off meetings. Learned how to establish a rapport in a client/supplier environment, assessing and understanding client requirements and needs. • Brainstorming ideas for music videos with pre-production team. This required a strong understanding of customer requirements and good interpretational judgement to successfully deliver an end-product. • Involved in project planning. Once clients had agreed on a music video to produced, I provided input for its creative direction and logistics. This required budget balancing, casting actors, hiring freelance staff and organising transport for staff and for the equipment, all of which I had a close involvement with. Positive feedback received from senior management in regards to all the duties that were carried out. • As R’n’D Media are a small start-up, my additional responsibilities included increasing company presence within London by successfully seeking new clients and contracts.


      Store Manager

      Quater Horse Coffee

      Apr 2014 - Apr 2015
      • Oxford, United Kingdom
      • Full Time
      • • Training of new staff to create and deliver products to suit the vision and desires of the company owner. • Managing busy shifts and working in fast-paced high-pressure environments. • Implementing the most effective solutions to immediate problems to ensure the best possible work environment. E.g. Resolving customer complaints, solving technical issues with machines etc. • Learning quick decision making skills in order to maintain an orderly production line whilst ensuring customer satisfaction. Overseeing the effectiveness of each employee at their post and resolving efficiency issues. • Being a successful high end specialist coffee shop I learned how to upsell and add value to a base product.



      Sep 2015
      • London, United Kingdom
      • • Theoretical Philosophy – learning about the fundamental elements of the universe, through which I have learned how to grapple with some of the most cognitively strenuous questions and answer them in a concise and accurate way. • Normative Philosophy – largely concerned with topics such as Ethics, Politics, Aesthetics etc.; I learned how to put forward a persuasive case that one system is more valuable than another. • History of Philosophy – concerned primarily with prominent figures in philosophy and philosophical movements (i.e. Sartre, or the existentialist movement), I have learned how to analyse complicated texts and debates, to deconstruct its main argument in order to simplify it into its atomic form.



      Global Citizenship Programme: Environmental Justice


      • • A voluntary summer school programme for its students. I am learning about what it means to be a global citizen through inter-disciplinary research and practice-based learning. • Focusing and analysing the environmental and human rights impact of multinational energy and extractive companies. Analysing activist, legal, creative and political responses to environmental challenges. • Participating in international environmental conference simulations, learning diplomatic negotiating skills.


      Global Citizenship Programme: (Un)Urban


      • • A voluntary summer school programme for its students focusing on connecting urban growth, environmental health and human wellbeing. Examining notions of global citizenship in relation to greens spaces, and how green spaces in the urban landscape can help East London’s diverse communities thrive and prosper. • Skills gained include: human-centred design, rapid prototyping and qualitative research tools.


      KWN Film Director


      • • A Panasonic sponsored hands-on video education program created to encourage students to develop valuable cognitive, communication and organisational skills using digital and video broadcasting technology. • Learned at a young age how to mobilise a group of young people to create a winning product. My documentary was the winner of the UK Award in May 2010 and placed second in the international category at the award ceremony in Japan in July 2010.