Rey East

Rey East

IllustratorCambridge, United Kingdom
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Rey East

Rey East

IllustratorCambridge, United Kingdom
About me
I’m a multi-disciplined illustrator based in Cambridge with a BA (Hons) in Illustration, who's passionate about storytelling through graphic novels and zines. I often explore the juxtaposition between humour and delicate topics, using my work to facilitate discussions about mental health. My work is narrative-driven and playful, based on creating a sense of personality and individuality through character design. Please feel free to send me an email to discuss commissions or if you have a general enquiry. Instagram: @reytheillustrator
  • Character Design
    Character DesignAn assortment of character illustrations from self-initiated projects and commissions, created using Procreate.
  • Maybe Later Recipe Cards
    Maybe Later Recipe CardsWith depression, you often get depression-meals. Cereal, plain rice for dinner... You get the idea. Combine that with student living plus a tight budget and it's a quick route to bad nutrition. To combat this, I created a short series of pull-out recipe cards included in the zine. This also includes a list of cupboard stock items and cheap meals that would be easy to prepare, making the dreaded weekly shop that little bit easier.
  • Maybe Later Poster Series
    Maybe Later Poster SeriesA collection of illustrated A3 posters for three different audiences, aimed at educating students about understanding the condition of their own mental health and informing those closest to them how best to respond. This series would be displayed within campus and the city of Norwich.
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Projects credited in
  • Norwich University of the Arts, BA (Hons) Illustration
    Norwich University of the Arts, BA (Hons) IllustrationJungmin Kim: Fashion – Hero image from my book titled ‘Fashion’
Work history
    Assistant in Adult LearningDebora Cane Art Classes
    Ely, United KingdomInternship
    My role as an intern is to provide demonstrations, public talks and support for students. This experience has taught me to how to be an understanding communicator with those of all abilities and adjust my teaching accordingly.
  • Creative Cloud
  • Graphic Design
  • Book Design
  • Character Design
  • Sequential Art
  • Layout Design
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Lecturing
    BA (hons) IllustrationNorwich University of the arts
    Norwich, United Kingdom