Riccardo Cenedella

Riccardo Cenedella

Maker | Furniture DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Riccardo Cenedella

Riccardo Cenedella

Maker | Furniture DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I'm Riccardo Cenedella, Italian Maker and Furniture Designer now based in East London and currently studying MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins. My background is in Craftmanship and Material Design developed during two years of working in Studio Nucleo. My practice is lead with a learning by doing approach to research the possibilities to transform waste into functional objects and question our way to produce. As a hands-on designer, I see design as a tool to affect the world we live in so in my practice, process and narrative cames first and the form follows.
  • Carpet Matter
    Carpet MatterCarpet is the preferred flooring solution in UK housing, nine out of ten households have carpet on their floor. But, what happens to all this carpet when the flat is renewed? The UK produces around 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste each year and because it is a composite product that was never designed for disassembly, there is only a small amount of carpet waste that is being fully recycled in a closed-loop system. Unfortunately, the rest of it is sent to incinerators or deposited in landfills. H
  • The Urban Waste Project - 2020
    The Urban Waste Project - 2020We live in a throw-away society, the average London household produces nearly one tonne of waste per year. Walking in our neighbourhood we can notice a large amount of differents kind of waste, from cardboard to domestic appliances and piece of furniture. However, these objects still contain good and usable components. By gathering urban waste among the neighbourhood of Shadwell and hand-working on them, I created new usable objects that can not be traceable of the waste they come from. More t
  • Alimenta - 2020
    Alimenta - 2020Alimenta is an experimentation project conducted by Riccardo Cenedella , into food waste and biobased material. Food is everything that is taken in by humans and used to keep them alive. However, we throw away an average of half a kilo of food per day. This means 89 million tons of food wasted each year in Europe only. The outcome is an ad hoc material using food waste he daily produced. The result aim to question our notion of waste and production and show the possibilities of discarded materi
Work history
    MakerStudio Nucleo
     - Turin, ItalyFull Time
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