Richard Mead

Richard Mead

Director of PhotographyLondon, United Kingdom
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Richard Mead

Richard Mead

Director of PhotographyLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Director of Photography for South Bank Racing LTD, currently working on a documentary series covering the design and build of a Formula S car. Current personal project - Fuck Your Facial Recognition. By using Dazzle makeup (inspired by the Dazzle Ships of the Second World War) the project aims to subversive facial recognition cameras that are becoming more commonplace around London.
  • Do You Mind?
    Do You Mind?The Canny Earl intends to live at the centre of this revolution, ushering in a new dawn for people who want to consume alcohol consciously and who want to engage with life thoughtfully.
  • Fuck Your Facial Recognition
    Fuck Your Facial RecognitionAn ongoing project, protesting against Facial Recognition. Originally designed to mimic the Dazzle Ships of the Second World War to confuse facial recognition systems, it transpired that the technology has evolved to a point that it can see through make up. Following this, the project evolved. I created a custom script on a Macbook Pro, which recognises faces and saves a file to the desktop. Once printed off, the images are nailed to the wall - the nail inside the yellow "face box" created by t
  • The Macbeth Relaunch
    The Macbeth RelaunchA press release photoshoot for a pub in West London, that underwent a full renovation over the Covid-19 Lockdown
  • The Gore Girlz Promotion
    The Gore Girlz PromotionWorking as the stills photographer on a promotional video for The Gore Girlz, a freak show act focussing on the occult
  • Dimensions of Dysmorphia
    Dimensions of DysmorphiaDimensions of Dysmorphia is an ongoing project and was born from my own insecurities and self-confidence relating to my own body image. This previously had quite an impact on my own mental health. Art has always been a coping mechanism for me, and this project is a way of coping with this. I am aiming to exhibit the project in September 2021, dependant on restrictions, and it will focus on both myself and other "subjects" body images. A photobook in collaboration with the exhibition will also b
  • "Is Perception Reality?" Exhibtion, December 2021
    "Is Perception Reality?" Exhibtion, December 2021In December 2021, I was chair of the "Is Perception Reality?" exhibition at the Copeland Gallery, Peckham. The exhibition focussed on the artists' experiences throughout the lockdown and tried to take on a unique perspective of how they perceive the world around them.
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Projects credited in
  • "Fuck your facial recognition"
    "Fuck your facial recognition"In collaboration with Richard Mead using makeup to trick facial recognition algorithms.
Work history
    Owner / DirectorGraphê Magazine
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    PhotographerRichard Mead Photography
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    In 2019, I left the corporate world and set up my own photography business. Operating as a carbon positive organisation, I take more carbon out of the atmosphere than my business contributes to it. I specialise in product, events and corporate photography, whilst also a member of both The Associaton of Photographer and National Union of Journalists.
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    Photography BA (Hons)London South Bank University
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