Rob Spencer

Rob Spencer

GraduateLondon, United Kingdom
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Rob Spencer

Rob Spencer

GraduateLondon, United Kingdom
About me
My name is Rob Spencer, I'm 23 years old looking to move into the fashion, or media world. I'm outgoing, ambitious, positive, diligent and hard working. I work well in a team and on my own, and have an incredible passion for fashion and media. I have a lot of experience in sales so know how to work with clients as well as team members. I currently have an Instagram account with over one thousand followers a selling page on Depop with over five hundred followers and within the next year I am planning on starting up my own buy and sell company and blog to accompany my Instagram.
  • Youth Identity in London: An Ethnographic Study of an Emerging Street Culture
    Youth Identity in London: An Ethnographic Study of an Emerging Street CultureFor my Dissertation I conducted an Ethnographic study on youth culture in London looking at how and why identity is constructed. I went into the field and conducted structured and semi structured interviews with 10 participants to obtain relevant data. I compared youth culture in London with five other youth cultures that have been prominent in the UK since the turn of the 20th Century to find out what were the signifiers then and how that relates to youth culture today to see any correlations a
Work history
    Retail Sales AssistantOffspring
     - Kingston upon Thames, United KingdomFull Time
    I worked at Offspring while I was at University, and it gave me the insight and knowledge to let me know that I wanted a career in fashion. I have now graduated University and am looking to move into the fashion or marketing world.
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    Undergraduate Bsc AnthropologyOxford Brookes University
    Oxford, United Kingdom
    I have just graduated Oxford Brookes with a 2:2 in Anthropology. My Dissertation was an ethnographic study of Identity looking at street culture in London, with which i found that fashion and music played the most integral part in the formation of identity. I received a grade of 64 which is a 2:1. I chose to do it on this topic as it was something that I have always been interested in and could be the bridge into the industry that i wanted.