Robert Manning

Robert Manning

Freelance IllustratorPortsmouth, United Kingdom
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Robert Manning

Robert Manning

Freelance IllustratorPortsmouth, United Kingdom
About me
Robert Manning is a multidisciplinary image maker, illustrator and designer based in Southsea, Portsmouth UK. Manning specialises in editorial, conceptual and figurative work and uses a combination of traditional media, digital techniques and 3D software to create evocative content that draws inspiration from culture, philosophy and the arts. “I am currently in my 2nd year of studying illustration MA at Portsmouth university — my research concerns practice and methodology in the digital domain and my major project is series of authorial short stories built for smartphones.” You can view work in progress here:
  • Upgrade Cycle - 2019 (DIGITAL ILLUSTRATIONS)
    Upgrade Cycle - 2019 (DIGITAL ILLUSTRATIONS)Upgrade Cycle is short semi fictitious guide to smartphone ownership. This is a selection of integrated art work i created for the dynamic digital publication. These images take influence from the forward thinking techno-optimism presented in 80's and early 90's culture. The use of 3D rendering software was used to create the parallax effect for the suspended iPhones, this render was used as the source reference for the digital illustrations. The format of the illustrations is designed to e
    CHROMED (PERSONAL WORK)Exploring the fundamentals of rendering materials, light properties and complex shapes to create evocative imagery. Although the final artefact is a digital painting, the research was formed by creating 3D renders in Blender3D.
    ALICE IN WONDERLAND (PLUM PUDDING AGENCY COMPETITION)ALICE IN WONDERLAND (PLUM PUDDING AGENCY COMPETITION) A true classic and one of the most well-known books in the Literary Nonsense genre, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is an imaginative, vibrant, fantastical tale that has had many retellings in both film and book format. This rendition is aimed at older modern audiences (12-16), and subverts the usual visual language associated with the classic novel by rendering a close up portrait of Alice apparel normal and relatable. I wanted to the subt
    SAFETY EVERYWHEREtook part in the MA graduation show a year early. I took the opportunity to work on a one-off set of posters that playfully remind audiences of the insidious nature of some of our everyday commodities. The three posters explored vintage typography, airbrushing and texture. I also helped plan, organise and created the poster artwork also. Spec A3 digital x 3 More info:
  • Leon Cyberpunk2077 - concept portrait.
    Leon Cyberpunk2077 - concept portrait.Leon Cyberpunk2077 - concept portrait. León 2077 - León is rendered here in a #cyberpunk2077 get up feeding his plant via a smart glasses app. I wanted to capture the airbrush and Lightroom developed look (film grain). I’m also quite excited to get my hands on #cyberpunk2077. I used a combination of iPad OS Procreate to create the rendering, and Adobe Photoshop CC to process effects and then Adobe LightRoom CC to master colour output and overall film texture.
  • How Did We Get Here? (2019/2020)
    How Did We Get Here? (2019/2020)This a selection of spot illustrations for a short digital illustrated story entitled: How Did We Get Here? The humorous narrative explores the absurdity we find our selves in due to the rapid onset of technology subverting everyday norms of daily life with our phones and social media. The art direction required the illustrations to reflect the visual language of old low-cost halftone press printing. With the use of only two colours, the graduation of halftone intensity creates the rendering
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Work history
    Portsmouth, United KingdomFull Time
    Creative Editorial illustratorasylum
    United KingdomFreelance
    I have recently started to work with Asylum Magazine - a long-standing charity, that produces print magazines. "The early years: 1986 to 2002…. In the spring of 1986 Asylum, costing 50p but “Free to Inmates”, was launched. The cover announced the highlights of the first issue as follows: “Exclusive interview with R. D. Laing: ‘Psychiatric Democracy in Italy, The Politics of Mental Health'” That captures most of the intentions of the founders. We were a group of sufferers and professionals, much influenced by the “antipsychiatry” movement of the long past sixties and galvanised into action by two visits to England of Mental Health Workers from Italy who came as missionaries for Psichiatria Democratica in Italy." It is a great honour to be involved with such an organisation of which I admire in high regard.
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  • Illustration
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    Portsmouth, United Kingdom
    I am currently studying a part-time MA illustration degree. I passionately wish to progress further into the creative industry. The time I have spent at Portsmouth university has helped me strengthen my skills in illustration and broadened my academic aptitude. I have worked closely with the university - helping to secure and manage a graduation exhibition in the local area. This has also given me the opportunity to focus on my own personal skills in software, draftsmanship and writing. My final major project 'Stories From the Phone Shop' has been nominated for an award for innovation. I am due to graduate in early September - I am currently seeking exciting work opportunities.
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) Kingston University
     - London, United Kingdom
    I studied sound design, music and audio production at Kinston University. The degree introduced me into the industry of creative work. The discipline gained from studying music to the highest level has helped guide my work ethic in the visual creative field.