Roham azarpira

Photographer / Art Director

Istanbul, Turkey
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About me

My name is Roham Azarpira I am freelance Fine art portrait and fashion photographer born in 14/august/1992 I have started art since I was 7 years old I started Violin and Kamanche (Iranian traditional musical instrument) and drawing when I was about 7 years old and I am expert in wood crafts. All of them tempt me to have deep vision onto art and absolutly visual arts because I undrestand the concept of ; shadow , light , mass , dimension , music , .... so,... as I have mentioned I am profesional photographer I started my job in 2010 as editor and retoucher for some wedding and beauty photography studios. and after a while I started Design beauty and wedding albumes too and also work as photographer in some of photography studios but since the first time that I went to studios I started photography too and I did some wedding and beauty photography. since 2014 I started to work as profesional Fine art photographer portrait and fashion. I have my own idea in my works that ; all the feelings and arts is coneected and you cant seperate them and in my works always i inspire by music , smell , colors , paints , .... and I can see this connections in my photography projects that in every projects can be seen and feel connection with that photos, music , color , model character,.... some times i know every each projects have wich smell , flower type , ..... I am looking to catch my dreams because I belive that I can make dreams into reality ! and improve myself and grow up because in my idea all arts are conected and Art will never ends!