Ronita Awoonor-Gordon

Ronita Awoonor-Gordon

DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Ronita Awoonor-Gordon

Ronita Awoonor-Gordon

DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
About me I am a passionate and creative thinker able to work independently and within a team. I have a wide range of valuable skills and experiences. I am a Director, Producer, Content Creator and Blogger with a passion for factual and non-scripted content and have worked as an Editor. I have completed a Masters in Media Practice for Development and Social Change and have achieved a First Class BA(Hons) in Anthropology and International Development. I have experience in working across the production process, media sales, managing social media accounts, and in retail. I also have event, video and photography production experience working on various projects from conception to execution.
  • VIP Unlocked The Carmel Show
    VIP Unlocked The Carmel ShowI directed on this pilot season of VIP Unlocked The Carmel Show. This include creative directing, broadcast studio directing and editing Watch the first episode:
  • Freelance Writing
    Freelance WritingI write articles for various publications on topics that fall under culture. My writing includes: Here's to 30 Years of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air for Blacpire - the curse of respectability politics in reality tv - Seed - Looking for Me for Sistem -
  • What's Hot
    What's HotWhat's Hot is a brand new show on Yanga! TV getting into what's hot and trending. I worked on the pilot season production as: Assistant Producer Researcher Editor (Episode 4) Social Media Editor Camera
  • Noni Season 6-7
    Noni Season 6-7This year, Yanga! TV started filming and releasing the seventh season of the talk show, Noni. I was able to get an opportunity to carry out various roles during production of season 6 & 7 including: Assistant Producer Researcher Script Supervisor Editor Promo Editor I also shadowed the Producer throughout production of season 6.
  • Kenya Travel Multimedia Blog
    Kenya Travel Multimedia BlogI am very interested in culture and aim to create content that focuses on culture and identity. Part of this means that I always try to create multimedia content based on travel. Find out what I did on my trip to Kenya at the end of last year... • Check out my blogpost on what I did: • See more photography and my IGTV mini vlog on IG: @ronitasworld - #multimedia #content #mediaproduction #contentproducer #digitalcontent #travelphoto
  • ATA RODO London presents: Ajoyo (Saturday)
    ATA RODO London presents: Ajoyo (Saturday)ATA RODO London is a space that gives women of colour the opportunity to express themselves through the arts. Their first event took place in January and I got the opportunity to do some videography. Check out this short clip from the event...
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  • Ronita Awoonor Gordon
    Ronita Awoonor Gordon“I spy with my little eye a world that has no place for me anymore”. Molly muttered the words under her breath as they drove away from their 7th house in 13 years. At this point she had stopped making friends because each goodbye was heavier than the last. She couldn’t bear another set of ‘firsts’. Another first day, another “the new girl has a weird accent”, another isolated lunchtime, picturing her face in the dictionary next to the word lonely. Had she grown too big to fit into this world or
Work history
    Freelance WriterVarious
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    I write articles for various publications
    Ronita's World logo
    Ronita's World logo
    Self-Shooting Producer/Director, Content Creator and BloggerRonita's World
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    I develop my ideas from thoughts to finished content for various platforms like Youtube and Instagram. I have gained experience with DSLR Cameras, Video Cameras, iPhone Cameras, Adobe Premiere Pro. I also manage my social media accounts, Wordpress site and website. My content is usually factual, non-scripted and often thought-provoking
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  • Customer Service
  • Event Organisation
  • Reliable
  • Eager Learner
  • Teamworking
  • Research
  • Developement
  • Producing
  • Blog Creation
  • Multimedia Production
  • Directing
  • Creative Direction
  • Creative
  • Creative Concept
  • Creative Conceptualisation
  • Creative Content
    MastersUniversity of Sussex
     - Brighton, United Kingdom
    I am studying Media Practice in Development and Social Change. The course focuses on how media can be used to bring about global social and political change whilst analysing development theory and social change. This course allows me to build on the knowledge gained during my undergraduate degree whilst allowing me to learn media practice and production skills. I have also refined my research and writing skills.
    BA(Hons) Anthropology and International Development, First Class HonoursUniversity of Sussex
     - Brighton, United Kingdom