Roy Chan

Roy Chan

Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Roy Chan

Roy Chan

Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
An informed, insightful and conceptually driven graphic designer from Hong Kong, specialises in embedding cultural motifs and values into the design of branding, editorial and Chinese-English bilingual typography projects to deliver a concise approach that is both profound and evocative. Eight years of practising in the field accumulated a versatile portfolio which records the contributions to countless projects from cultural and commercial, to local and global. Currently based in London and seeking to work with talented design thinkers to deliver high quality and creative solutions. Open for commissions.
  • As Days Go By 平和日
    As Days Go By 平和日A collection of daily observations between 2018 and 2019 in Hong Kong by Wilson Lee. He explored the entire city to capture the tranquil moments that were slowly fading, not merely preserving them as a sincere memorial of the passing days, but also as a beautiful hope for tomorrow. 《平和日》是攝影師Wilson Lee在2018年至2019年期間在香港拍攝的作品,他遊走城中各處以相片紀錄日常生活中轉瞬即逝的時光:不止於紀念逝去的平凡日暮,亦是為嚮往的未來留下願景。
  • Brackish Water Junction 鹹淡之間
    Brackish Water Junction 鹹淡之間Ham Shui Goh is the fisherfolk music in Hong Kong. Since fishing doesn't thrive anymore, the music is fading with the business. The client wants to preserve this culture, through recording the performances of the remaining or retired fishermen, also invited the young musicians to create their version to commemorate the beauty of this music.
  • Dialogues on Religion and Philosophy
    Dialogues on Religion and PhilosophyA book about two fictional philosophers with opposing positions on the debate of religion-related topics. * Self-initiated project based on a published book.
  • Coco Espresso 10th Anniversary Campaign
    Coco Espresso 10th Anniversary CampaignCoco Espresso is a cafe brand that is well known for its passion for coffee making in Hong Kong. To celebrate their tenth anniversary, the tagline of Coco Espresso, “Roasting Perfection, Brewing Happiness”, turned into a tasting experience through limited edition products.
  • CityU Digital Business Innovation Festival 2019 (Proposed option)
    CityU Digital Business Innovation Festival 2019 (Proposed option)A five-day festival aims to introduce how technologies improve the economy and our society through a series of events, covering three themes simultaneously : One Health, Digital Society and Smart City. The identity is imitating the UI design of the calendar app, a widely used tool that changed our life without noticing it.
    HAKDIMAn online store that sells goods in black only. The name is the pronunciation of “black store” in Cantonese, the language we used in Hong Kong. HAKDIM also means “dishonest business”, more or less as a pun.
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Work history
    Studio Hato logo
    Studio Hato logo
    Freelance DesignerStudio Hato
     - Hong KongFreelance
    Worked with Design Director directly for an exhibition which was curated by a British orgranisation.
    Prophet logo
    Prophet logo
    Freelance DesignerProphet
     - Hong KongFreelance
    Participated in brand development pitchings for a client from China.
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  • Visual Identity
    Higher Diploma in Visual CommunicationHong Kong Design Institute
     - Hong Kong