Sahar Gerstel

Sahar Gerstel

Creative Producer and Visual StorytellerLondon, United Kingdom
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Sahar Gerstel

Sahar Gerstel

Creative Producer and Visual StorytellerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
My design is cross-disciplinary, focused on telling people’s stories and creating a platform for their voices. My work is process driven, and I see it as an integral part of the end design. Using mostly video and photography in a documentarian style, I translate issues and materialise them in various outcomes. For each of my projects, I find the most appropriate medium to manifest it using documentary as my working guidelines.
  • Cook (Not) Like Your Mother - Tate Britain Workshop
    Cook (Not) Like Your Mother - Tate Britain WorkshopOn July 2018, Cook (Not) Like Your Mother took part in Tate's Britain Common Ground, that was designed by Something & Sons.  Cook (Not) Like Your Mother transformed into an open workshop where visitors of all ages (almost) could come and share their mom's recipe and together they created a new recipes book. Each participant was given a recipe form to fill in; asking about the dish the chose, about their cooking habits and in the end asked to share the recipe and to illustrate it.  In return, the
  • Cook (Not) Like Your Mother
    Cook (Not) Like Your MotherIn Cook (Not) Like Your Mother, young women tell their stories and gain insight into becoming a woman nowadays. The interviews are designed in an anthropological/ documentary style. While cooking a beloved dish from their childhood, participants reflect on their mothers, and themselves, in the domestic context. How they see cooking (and caring) roles reveals the work of constructing their feminine identity in intergenerational relation their mothers, grandmothers, fathers, gender-roles, as oppos
  • Grestel's Anatomy
    Grestel's AnatomyWatching television is a captivating break from our work, problems, and responsibilities. We enjoy watching the lives of other people. Real or not, we can identify with them. They leave us feeling fulfilled and comforted. Sometimes they are just mindless escapes. Using codes, conventions, and other elements of TV medical dramas, I appropriated a context and repurposed it to reconsider my own world and the way it is influenced by this sort of fiction. Using video as the medium to materialise thes
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    BA (Hons) DesignGoldsmiths
    London, United Kingdom