Sam Brewster

Sam Brewster

Illustrator & filmmakerLondon, United Kingdom
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Sam Brewster

Sam Brewster

Illustrator & filmmakerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I'm a freelance illustrator & filmmaker based in London, UK, where I spend most of my time using visual metaphor to play with abstract concepts. I've been working as a freelance illustrator for ~9 years for all sorts of international clients and brands, including directing animation. In recent years I've made several live-action short films, one of which recently screened at London Short Film Festival 2019 (After-Party).
  • Editorial Illustrations
    Editorial IllustrationsA selection of editorial illustrations for various magazines, including but not limited to: The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, SHOP Magazine, The Guardian, La Repubblica, Creative Review, WIRED, Financial Times, AdWeek, Open Skies, Lonely Planet, Reader's Digest, The Times, WRAP Magazine, SCOOP Magazine, Entertainment Weekly etc.
  • GIFs!
    GIFs!Here's a few of my illustrations that I have turned into GIFs! I have preferred to animate small parts of more detailed illustrations, to create sort of illustrated cinemagraphs.
  • Langøra Kaffebrenneri Mural
    Langøra Kaffebrenneri MuralI have been working with Norwegian coffee roasters Langora Kaffebrenneri since 2014; together we have developed the aesthetic for the brand that's vibrant and lively, hopefully to be reflective of the wondrous parts of the world in which the coffee bean was grown. I also animated a small portion of the image as an experiment. In late 2017 they up-scaled their roasters from a small stabbur (traditional Norwegian stilted building) to a larger custom-built building in the same complex in Hjelseng
  • Book Of Bones
    Book Of BonesIllustrated non-fiction children's book published by Phaidon. It's a book of world records... of bones! Guess whose bones are the longest, shortest, heaviest, spikiest, and more. With touchable skeletons! Ten record-breaking animal bones are introduced through a series of superlatives set up as a guessing game with clues. Readers examine animals' skeletons and guess to whom they belong; the answers are revealed in vibrant, full-colour scenic habitats, with easily understood ― and humorous ― ex
  • Beery Christmas
    Beery ChristmasFor Christmas 2018 I worked on a busy illustration of a fantastical scene inside a beer warehouse, to be used as an advent calendar box packed with 24 beers. It was commissioned by French beer distributers Saveur Biere so that the adults could have a novelty treat-a-day countdown to Christmas. Not only is the image packed full of action, it also has an in-built adventure trail game. Once you’ve opened the first door, there are clues to find the next beer drawn on the inside of the cap. Each c
  • Walk This Wild World
    Walk This Wild WorldWalk this Wild World celebrates the wondrous diversity of animal and plant life around the globe. Travel to a new habitat and continent with every turn of the page with stunning artwork by award-winning Sam Brewster. See polar bears in the Arctic tundra; elephants in the Serengeti grasslands; bobcats in the Sonoran desert; gorillas in the Congo jungle; and much more. Lift-flaps throughout this high quality format makes it a perfect gift book for all young animal-lovers, while nuggets of inform
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