Sean Denny

Sean Denny

Director, JunkLondon, United Kingdom
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Sean Denny

Sean Denny

Director, JunkLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Long established creative / marketing / PR presence in the UK music industry, starting as a temp general assistant at Sony Music, working my way up through various roles across the industry, culminating in starting my own consultancy and being welcomed back to Sony Music to set up and run my own label. I am keen to explore new avenues where I can use all my experience, knowledge, instinct and contacts.
  • Space + Time Records
    Space + Time RecordsRecord label that was created for me by the President of RCA Records
  • Space + Time Studio
    Space + Time StudioCreative studio set up as an extension to my record label, to provide artwork and videos for artists and labels.
  • Videos
    VideosSelection of videos I commissioned for an artist I signed called Last Japan, and his 'Darsk' EP. The first video is intended to be a classic 'street' video, just done really well. Working with Jay Cass we shot multiple scenes from one location. Working alongside regular label collaborator Mark Whelan of Kick The Plug, we came up with the Darsk video to represent what the songs lyrics meant to both Last Japan, and the lyricist / vocalist Kriss Kiss. The final video is edited scenes from a manga series called Bubblegum Crisis. Last Japan and I had numerous conversations about classic manga movies like Akira and Ghost In The Shell, how great the 80's style animation was and how well it would fit with his music, so after some research on the right imagery, we had this edited together
Work history
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Music industry consultant, working across: Marketing A&R Creative National radio promotions Music & brands Art direction Networking Inspiration talks Companies and I brands I've worked with: Sony Music Universal Music Warner Music Various indie labels Jagermeister Puma Maharishi K-Swiss Off the back of positive comments on the creative work on my record label, I also set up Space + Time Studio to work with artists and labels on artwork and videos.
    Sony Music UK logo
    Sony Music UK logo
    Head of Space + Time RecordsSony Music UK
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Given my own label by the President of RCA Records, to provide an 'underground edge', develop artists and advise on A&R and radio PR. Single handedly ran all aspects of the business: Sourcing new signings Negotiating all artist deals Working alongside the legal department on creating pioneering deals Compiling release budgets Executive producing the artists tracks Creative direction of all label images, artist artwork and videos Organising and writing all label copy Creating the marketing campaign Selecting exterior agencies and negotiating their deals Carrying out all national radio and selected press / digital PR Updating all label social media Presenting releases in sales meetings with digital distributors, streaming services and retailers Compiling reports and liaising with senior management on progress Introducing the acts to live agents and publishers
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