Serafima Buravsky

Serafima Buravsky

Filmmaker/Online Show PresenterLondon, United Kingdom
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Serafima Buravsky

Serafima Buravsky

Filmmaker/Online Show PresenterLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Quick witted, innovative and motivated recent graduate with a lifetime of experience. I have been a crew-member of film and tv sets from a very young age and have acclimatized to the fast paced working environment. Passion for filmmaking and the creative industry: I was the director of my group’s graduation film My Brother, Jude which was voted Best Film by fellow course mates; I am currently directing 3 music videos; and I am a presenter on a company-run YouTube channel called Mutha - about sustainability and conscious living.
  • sasha B - morning prayer [moving portrait]
    sasha B - morning prayer [moving portrait]I am a member of the analogue gang! Second tune for evil FM, VHS video portrait made by my dear collaborator James Johnson! This is our second project together.
  • eviL FM - HaLf LiFe (my first time spitting bars!)
    eviL FM - HaLf LiFe (my first time spitting bars!)Am part of a creative collective/label called evil FM. This is my first solo song. Animation done by my ex-colleague and great friend/editor Mark Schweger.
  • My Digital Media Presenting Reel
    My Digital Media Presenting ReelMade a small compilation of the episodes we worked on with Mutha.
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Projects credited in
    MUTHABrave Bison wanted to create a platform that was centred around sustainability and spoke to a Gen Z audience. The ‘Mutha’ platform would put entertainment first whilst looking at interesting ways to communicate and convey the message of conscious living. We wrote, produced and directed a series of formats that looked at sustainability through the lens of food, fashion, art and tech. Publishing weekly shows to the Mutha youtube channel and daily informative videos on the Mutha Facebook page
Work history
    PresenterBrave Bison
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Presenter for the Mutha YouTube Channel about sustainability and conscious living. Responsibilities include: • Multi-Tasking: I completed my degree whilst working as a presenter. I created a timetable with important submissions and developed a filming schedule to minimize disruption to my studies. Gained excellent multi-tasking and scheduling skills. • Promotion: Posted promotional content on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat to promote my videos. This included promotional assets from the company and original content. Learnt good distribution skills and my videos on Mutha are the most viewed in their category. • Attention To Small Detail: Responsible for creative research and writing weekly web- episodes; because the show is revolved around the topic of sustainability it was necessary to do the topic justice with valid information. I wrote the latest episode that is up on the Mutha YouTube channel, it is a part 1 of 2. • Working Under Pressure: Climate change is a popular topic and a hotly debated issue necessitating the ability both to keep abreast of a rapidly evolving subject and to seek out new perspectives. I constantly need to find new angles whilst ensuring that the resulting videos are the perfect blend of education, clarification and enjoyability. The challenge of partaking in such a stimulating and difficult medium while engaged in my final year of study and writing a dissertation is a testament to my ability to work well under pressure. • Communication And Personality: My communication and interpersonal skills have been greatly enhanced through my experience of video production and presentation: I have successfully developed and marketed an online personality which has generated a high ranking over all social platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat). • Duties: Responsible for sending monthly invoices, emailing stakeholders (staff, creative team members, finance department) episode briefing, arranging my bookings, participating in pre-production and editing.
    Production AssistantKobura TV
     - Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamFull Time
    TV Series: Story Of A Pilot • Developed learning skills for effective interaction with actors and crew members • Was in charge of handling tapes and hard-drives • Make important phone calls and emails on behalf of staff, cast
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  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Teamworking
  • Entertainment Content
  • Fluent Russian
  • Fluent Spanish
  • Microsoft
  • Google Docs
  • Problem Solving
    Queen Mary University of London logo
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    Bachelor of Arts (BA) Queen Mary University of London
     - London, United Kingdom
    2:1 in Film Studies.