Seun Johnson

Acquisition Marketing Intern

  • LocationLondon, United Kingdom

About me


A curious individual fascinated by popular culture, music, technology and societal trends. I find interest and know a little bit about a lot of things. Constantly searching for good content, images, zines, collectives, music and documentaries online. Above all of that I get great satisfaction from sharing my findings with others. I am a big-picture thinker who struggles to switch off when it comes to finding connections and patterns between random things in life. I am concept-driven which reflects in my mixes (I DJ) and in my idea creation (currently in the early stages of creating an all-female collective). I have big ambitions and want to shape, direct and develop ideas for a living in film, branding, videography, music etc.



  • Marketing PR
  • Office
  • Powerpoint
  • Word

Work history


Acquisition Marketing Intern


Aug 2015
  • Liaising with distribution partners to create brilliant content Handling, updating and optimizing web content Copy-editing Market research Delivering Powerpoints Executing promotion plans



International Relations

University of Nottingham

Aug 2012 - May 2015
  • International politics, political philosophy and current affairs