shwetha vasan

shwetha vasan

Writer & Creative strategistLondon, United Kingdom
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shwetha vasan

shwetha vasan

Writer & Creative strategistLondon, United Kingdom
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A travel aficionado and social media junkie who loves to write & create outstanding visual experiences through pictures, videos and designs. Come say hello IG @shwethavasan
  • The little things we do for love.
    The little things we do for love.My hands are webbed, eyes sore and back stiff as a wall. Two weeks of struggling with the damned glue was strenuous. The glitters kept sticking to my face and clothes. Perhaps, if I had started decorating from the heel, I would have completed it faster. Dying the pink pom poms red wasn’t easy either. My carpet is still blooded with beet juice. Of Course, my heart pounding with excitement makes up for all the pain. I fear I would faint of eagerness. Matthew has promised to take me dancing after
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    Instagram filtersWhat is your soul food?
  • Colour x Portobello
    Colour x PortobelloFeaturing: Atlanta McCann, Mandy Zhang, Denitsa Rangelova Concept & creation: Shwetha Vasan
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  • Shwetha Vasan
    Shwetha VasanAs the clock struck midnight, the very familiar smell of burnt plastic engulfed the living room. I had heard men talking that his Bentley was parked only ten minutes away from La Caletilla. Shivering, I grabbed the keys and ran. I ran until I couldn’t feel my legs. The kids ran with me not knowing why. Carl’s sleepy little eyes stared at me helplessly. Mustering what was left of me, I drove. We drove until the sun shone brightly and the land seemed foreign. We drove in search of a home.
  • Shwetha Vasan
    Shwetha VasanThe old rugs had gotten dingy. I had been pestering my manager to ship the more expensive ones from Persia for over a year. Finally, he gave in to my whimsical demand, like he always does and ordered these about a month ago. ⁣ ⁣ At first, I was spellbound by the intricacy. The red was ravishing. But with each passing day, the longer I observed them, the flaws seemed to poke their noses out. ⁣ ⁣ The soothing bluish tint meddles with the overpowering red. The borders are too thick and I am almost
  • Shwetha Vasan
    Shwetha VasanThe morning sun on my wrinkly skin seems to be reiterating the long-ignored reality that I AM old. Looking for alternate ways to make money seems imprudent. I know nothing other than these sleazy lanes and Broadway rush. All the other girls, except Savannah, have flown back to Guadalajara. When I had hired her, she was 15 and I was fondly addressed as the 21st century Sally Stanford. Back then, the wall street bull was just a fancy golden animal to me. If somebody has warned me that a bull crash
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