Sneha Shanker

Sneha Shanker

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
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Sneha Shanker

Sneha Shanker

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hello! I’m Sneha, an independent illustrator & brand designer currently based in London. “My work is a visual transcript of my self development journey with a mix of my curiosities and the unknown.” I am often inspired by the intriguing visuals during my meditative practices and explore them further in my morning routines (which are a little elaborate) My work is all about telling stories that intrigue me. It has and underlying theme of wellness which is an extension of my personality. I have worked with clients like Vice and BBC. I love working for commercial projects as it provides me with a unique opportunity to strategize and work towards my client’s objectives using my experience as a brand designer through my illustrations. If you want to commission me or if you have some ideas for a fresh collaboration, mail me here: REPRESENTATION I’m represented by Studio PI in the UK/Ireland. Clients can contact my agent directly:
  • LUSH Times Illustration
    LUSH Times IllustrationFull page illustration from the @lush Times project to show solidarity and partnerships with charities supporting various grants to leave the world lusher than it was found.
  • Vinepair Editorial Illustration
    Vinepair Editorial IllustrationEditorial Illustration for Vinepair "Why celebs are investing in Tequila"
  • The power of Habits
    The power of HabitsMorning habits or rituals as I call them, have been very impactful in my life lately. Building them over time and sticking to them could be challenge but the resulting life that you can build overtime with such rituals are game changing.
  • Stylist Magazine X Alpha H skincare
    Stylist Magazine X Alpha H skincareWork for an article on Stylist Magazine this week for 'Everything you need to know about skincare acids'
  • Looking outside and reminiscing #quarantine
    Looking outside and reminiscing #quarantine
  • UnderPinned mag
    UnderPinned magWhat is life like for freelancers in the world's most liveable cities
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Projects credited in
  • Illustrations by Sneha Shanker
    Illustrations by Sneha ShankerBeautiful new work by our illustrator, Sneha Shanker
Work history
    IllustratorSelf Employed
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Brand DesignerRamesh Flowers Pvt Ltd
     - Bengaluru, IndiaFull Time
    I designed for all brand requirements including heading the website redevelopment, strategizing the visual performance of the brand, building and establishing the social presence of the brand, designing packaging, campaign, promotional material for the seasonal launch of new products. The role also included strategizing the requirement and launch of new products with the internal team. The products worked on include (but not restricted to) candle ranges, floral range, essential oils.
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