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Sophia Wyatt

Co-founder, Product LeadLondon, United Kingdom
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Sophia Wyatt

Co-founder, Product LeadLondon, United Kingdom
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  • Library of things | BBC London NewsIt's thought the average power drill is only used for 12 minutes over its lifetime. Wouldn't it be better to just borrow one instead? A new social enterprise in south London is lending out things like tools and gardening equipment to help people save money and reduce waste.
  • Library of Things BrandingVisual Identity for Library of Things based in West Norwood. The logo takes on three separate forms that can be used across different media. The existing brand colour purple was updated and given a turquoise accompaniment. A series of icons were created to represent the items that can be borrowed from the library.
  • Everything you need to know about the Library of Things | TimeOutNeed a hammer or a drill in a hurry? Just borrow one from the Library of Things Library of Things. Don’t tell me – it’s a philosophy salon in Shoreditch? It’s much more grounded than that. LoT is a new social enterprise based in Upper Norwood Library that allows people to borrow house and garden tools, cooking utensils and even the odd ukulele. Sounds good. But how does it work? The founders wanted to create a resource for the community and managed to crowdfund £9,000 to get started. Many new i
  • Strategic Branding
  • User-centered Design
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  • Experience Strategy
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