Sterre Stof

Sterre Stof

Visual DesignerAmsterdam, Netherlands
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Sterre Stof

Sterre Stof

Visual DesignerAmsterdam, Netherlands
About me
‘My imagination is the driving force of my work.’ Sterre Stof (14.02.1995) is a visual omnivore kind of girl from The Netherlands. She’s based in Amsterdam & Antwerp. She’s very fluid and open minded when it comes to inspiration, method and outcome and works trans disciplinary. Stof dislikes fixating to a solid medium, although she excels most at digital design and artwork, mixed media, fashion styling visuals and surface design.
  • Fashion Prints for Ezio Costa's collection 'I AM NOT OK, BUT IT'S OK'
    Fashion Prints for Ezio Costa's collection 'I AM NOT OK, BUT IT'S OK'Prints I developed for the collection 'I AM NOT OK, BUT IT'S OK' from Ezio Costa (Antwerp Fashion Department) Runway images: ‘I AM NOT OK, BUT IT’S OK’ Collection by Ezio Costa Photographer: © Etienne Tordoir & Dominique Maître
  • Kunstzone Magazine
    Kunstzone MagazineGraphic design & Artworks made for Kunstzone Mag.
  • Fashion Prints | Collection
    Fashion Prints | CollectionPrints & Scarf designs I developed for my collection 'Vive La Jeunesse'.
  • Intimacy Atmosphere Book
    Intimacy Atmosphere Booka visual moodbook of collage imagery that emalutes a romantic and sensual atmosphere. It was gathered together to create a unifying and clear general tone for a textile project
  • ASA MOTO Vinyl Album Artwork
    ASA MOTO Vinyl Album ArtworkSpeculative vinyl artwork for ASA MOTO. The song itself inspired me to make a vinyl artwork for it. Check out the song here:
  • Poster Design
    Poster DesignSpeculative poster design for Les Nuits festival in Brussels.
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Work history
    Image EditorKunstzone Magazine
    Responsible for all visual content of Kunstzone Magazine. I take care of the visual branding for the magazine, visual content (online and offline) and maintain the network of illustrators, artists and photographers.
    Graphic DesignerKunstzone Magazine
    I design covers, artwork, illustrations, GIF's and flyers for Kunstzone Magazine.
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  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Artworking
  • Visual Arts
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Concept Development
  • Creative Art Direction
  • Print Design
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  • Film Direction
  • Plastic Working
    Fashion DesignRoyal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp
     - Antwerp, Belgium
    Fashion design, garment making, pattern making, sewing, textile & print design, knitwear, shoedesign and of course the yearly SHOW.
    DesignDesign Academy Eindhoven
     - Eindhoven, Netherlands
    Media & Culture Department of Design Academy Eindhoven fosters environments where critical thinking, design processes, and creative output are focused within the context of communication, culture, and media. Students often possess broad interests and a general fascination with visual, cultural and digital media or specific craft based phenomena. Graduates of M&C excel at working across disciplines and modes of production: cultural (curation, editorial, policy, studio, production), corporate (branding, advertising, entrepreneurial), technology (R&D, innovation, experimental), and knowledge based (research, writing, education, publishing).