Suzie Geeforce

Suzie Geeforce

Composer/Playwright/PoetLondon, United Kingdom
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Suzie Geeforce

Suzie Geeforce

Composer/Playwright/PoetLondon, United Kingdom
About me
“Digital music with a human soul” The Repeat Beat Poet Suzie Geeforce is an AngloBurmese Music Producer and Poet creating music for our futures! She has been likened to Kate Tempest and Flying Lotus in the past. She creates music that speaks to a sense of hope for the future through technology, empowerment and love! She has performed in London, Los Angeles and Yangon as well as in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Her poetry was also featured in the 2020 Schuh campaign “Embrace your Feels”. Latest singles include Parasocial Butterfly (2020) and Music for Androids to Vibe to (2020). Her sound is mainly inspired by Kawaii Future Bass, Lo-Fi, Videogame OSTs, Alt Rock and Classic UK Garage! She also has a PhD in Staging Science Fiction!
  • Composition for The Truth About Jared
    Composition for The Truth About JaredI composed and produced a track for the OST to the mockumentary "The Truth About Jared"
  • Algorhythmic
    AlgorhythmicThe aesthetic for this song is basically experiencing an existential crisis in the club. I’ve had those a few times! Algorithms have become increasingly pervasive and visible in the day to day runnings of our lives (especially with the debacle with exam results – I didn’t predict this when writing) and the idea of this pulsing system made me think of a rhythm. Algorithmic… rhythmic… Algorhythmic! I tried to get this electro-pop feel with a pulsing, almost static-like bass as an undercurrent.
  • Beaches on Mars
    Beaches on MarsI originally started Beaches on Mars near the end of 2019 – thinking about climate issues (although nothing prepared me for 2020) and a theory I had when I was younger. Smaller me wondered if Mars had been humanity’s first home – maybe destroyed due to climate or something else – and that the idea of going to Mars would be more like a return? If all that we can remember is our time on Earth, how would we adapt to this new environment? The whirlwind that is 2020 made me revisit Beaches on Mars
  • Paper Dolls EP
    Paper Dolls EPSo my latest spoken word/electronica EP is out! Exploring identity, generational ties and technologies - I’d like to introduce you to Paper Dolls!
  • E-Tabula Rasa
    E-Tabula RasaA chapbook about Artificial Intelligence and Identity - published in April 2019 - written and designed by myself!
  • B.AR.D
    B.AR.DA series of Augmented Reality poems on Instagram and Physical Exhibitions
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    PhDRoyal Holloway University of London
     - London, United Kingdom