The Glyph Studio

The Glyph Studio

Andrew GargayUkraine
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Justin Akomiah
Isabel Sierra y Gómez de León
The Glyph Studio

The Glyph Studio

Andrew GargayUkraine
    HOME DECORThe beauty industry is more relevant than ever. People strive for aesthetic perfection in everything and every little detail matters. For example, candles and aroma in the house are exactly those accents that create a feeling of comfort. We complemented the home decor store with sophisticated typography and atypical shapes. Also we have added the photos of nature, which is always good idea. We love the feeling of simplicity with the addition of beautiful little things.
  • Rose-Mary face oil
    Rose-Mary face oilCleanliness and accuracy in our work are very important to us. This is how we see our online store of oils. Although, of course, we also added unobtrusive decorative elements. We hope you enjoy some behind the scenes footage!
  • "The Glyph animation"
    "The Glyph animation"Animation has become an integral part of the design and this week we have prepared one with some attractive effects. This time we made animation for typography…So! Just follow “THE GLYPH” during the video!
  • "Looking for a quiet place"
    "Looking for a quiet place"We continued a series of illustrations with a traveler on other planets. Alas, now, more than ever, we need tranquility and peace … It seems that our traveler set his sight on finding secluded places! We will reveal other stories with our character. Follow our updates and take care of yourself ❤️
  • Travel by other planets
    Travel by other planets
  • Orchids and Thorns
    Orchids and ThornsMinimalistic concept of a flower shop
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