The Glyph Studio

The Glyph Studio

Andrew GargayUkraine
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The Glyph Studio

The Glyph Studio

Andrew GargayUkraine
  • G Project
    G Project
  • Daily Medication Reminder
    Daily Medication ReminderWe won’t write you about all details of the concept, it's bright, minimalistic and you easily can see it! We want to talk more about inspiration. Our designers are constantly inspired by the works of other designers. A good example inspires on new great deeds, and hope we can inspire you this week!
  • Furniture Store
    Furniture StoreHey, it’s time for new post today! We made a concept for online furniture store to view models in details in 3D. Our focus was to let user engage easily with an item they want to view and to receive all relevant information from a simple UI. Which chair is your choice?
  • L Letter
    L LetterWe are keep going to work on set of illustrations, which in general will shape The Glyph logo! This time it's a second letter! Be attentive and you'll find it!
  • Design System
    Design SystemHello everyone! We want to share with you our new concept that slightly opens the door to the service we are working on. Soon we will show more!
  • G Letter
    G LetterWe observe signs and symbols everywhere. This is a first of a series of posts to illustrate every letter of The Glyph name. 3-2-1 ignition! Follow our space mission!
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